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Club Inspire

A Sad Goodbye

I'm absolutely gutted to be writing this post today... you may have seen the announcement on the Crafter's Comapnion blog a bit earlier that our Sarah Millsop will be leaving us. As part of a deal which sees our entire beading division acquired by Beads Direct, Sarah will be joining them at the start of September.


Sarah has been an incredible member of staff since she started back in 2010, she’s been loyal, dedicated and incredibly hard working and I know she’s a popular and highly regarded member of the team.


Having said that, this is an incredible opportunity for Sarah in her personal development and career progression and we don’t doubt that she’ll absolutely take the business to that next level with the support of the Beads Direct team so we wish her well in her future endeavours.


I still love my new found hobby and I’ll be continuing to buy Sarah's kits on TV (just I’ll have to pay for them now, I won’t be able to pinch them from the warehouse!!). I'll be sure to share some of my makes with you from time to time too!

For a bit more information on this transition head over to the Crafter's Companion blog to read the official announcement.

16 thoughts on “A Sad Goodbye”

  • Jayne Hall

    I wish you well. If you let things pass you by you may not be able to do it again. Good luck in everything you do. Love Jayne xx

  • Sue McClelland

    Oh no!! Who is going to give my husband plates of regimented shortbread fingers when we go to the shows now???
    Seriously Sarah, all the best in your new position, you will be much missed.

  • Lynn (delphinoid)

    It's really sad to hear that Sarah is leaving the Crafter's Companion Team.
    I wish Sarah every success, best wishes and happiness for the future.
    Good Luck Sarah!!! X X

  • Sandra Hinds

    You'll be missed. Good Luck Sarah. Sx

  • lynn alligan

    Oh no so gutted to hear your leaving but wish you well in your new job miss you loads thank you for getting me into beading xxx_

  • Julie Belshaw

    It's so sad to hear that Sarah is leaving,I wish you good luck for the future,I know you will be missed on create and craft,and at C+C. All the best Sarah.x

  • Pauline elliott
    Pauline elliott 29th August 2014 at 6:41 pm

    Just to wish the very best in your new position, rewards do come to the diligent no matter what some people say. Wont wish you luck, you do not need it, in this life you make your own. God bless and look after you and i hope we will hear now and aain how you are gettingon:) xx

  • Caron Aspinall

    So sorry to hear Sarah Milsop is leaving its because of her that I started doing any beadwork at all she will be missed by all and our tv screens will be empty of her bubbly personality.

  • Julie Woolston

    I am sorry to see Sarah leave, she will be very much missed, I wish you well Sarah on your new adventure.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  • Cj Deane

    Hi Sara, I first need to thank you for getting me started with jewellery making...... you made it look easy, as you demonstrated so clearly hiw to do this, or that! Then I need to wish you good luck in your move, and hope it works out well for you!

    All good wishes for the future.....

    XXX Cj

  • Cj Deane

    I've just done the classic ..... (Freudian slip) so sorry Sara!! I do of course mean SARAH! (Sorry too old, too poorly, bad eyesight. Sorry, sorry!)

  • lesley lawton

    Best wishes for your new venture xx

  • Linda Parsons

    Good Luck Sarah , why is everyone leaving Crafters Companion xx

  • Roma Chapman

    FAREWELL SARAH. Sorry to see you go. I will miss your fits of GIGGLES. Jewellery programmes will certainly be more sober without you Good
    Luck & Best Wishes on your new venture..Roma

  • Anne Hill

    So sorry to hear the news, I loved the time I was able to spend in the workshops even if I was the clumsiest of students!!!!
    Take care Sarah and onwards and upwards in your next career move you will continue to shine like the star you are, big hugs Anne x

  • Carol Edwards

    Sarah, so sorry to hear you are leaving Crafter's Companion, but hope to see you lots (and regularly) on Create and Craft with Beads Direct in the future. You have encouraged us so much over the last few years with all your lovely jewellery shows. All the best with your new endeavours. Love and hugs. Carol XXX

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