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Club Inspire

Tutorial: Jewellery Box with the Big Score

We shared a picture of this gorgeous jewellery box Donna made last week, and the response was overwhelming! It really is a gorgeous project, and Donna agreed to share a bit about how she made it!


Crafter's Companion Supplies:

Also used:
Hot Glue
Gold Split Pins

Donna shared:

"The jewellery box is predominantly made using the sliding box technique and the card used is A3 Centura Pearl. There are four sliding drawers and then a false top drawer with a lid."

Step 1: Cut 4 pieces of card measuring 9” x 7 ½”. Using the box lid side of the board score around each side at 1 ½” and then fold and glue into a tray. These four trays will form your drawers.

Step 2: To make the outer part of the drawers cut 4 pieces of card measuring 15 ½” x 4 ½” and you will need to use the sliding box technique to make the outer drawer. Using the box base side of the board score at 1 ½” then fold and burnish. Butt the folded edge against the edge of the board and score at 6” then fold and burnish. Again, with the folded edge against the edge of the board score at 1 ½”, fold and burnish. And finally place the folded edge against the edge and score at 6” and fold and burnish. This will leave you with a flap of card, which you can fold over and glue to make the outer part of the drawer.

Step 3: Glue the 4 outer drawers together and slide the drawers into each space.

Step 4: To make the top drawer you will need a piece of card 12” x 9”.

jewellery box 1

Step 5: You will need to cut out the 2 cross hatched sections and then score along the dotted lines, as if you were making a box 1 ½” in depth. The bottom half of the diagram will form the top drawer and will need to be folded and glued and then the top half will form the lid. Glue this box onto the top of the four drawers.

Step 6: To make a side/back panel you will need a piece of card measuring 8” x 15 5/16”. It is easier to lie the jewellery box down on the piece of card in order to find the score lines turning it where necessary. Glue the side/panel using Collall Tacky Glue.

Step 7: Finally cut 2 square pieces of card slightly larger than the top and bottom of the drawers and glue accordingly.

Step 8: Decorate as desired.


Top Tips:

  • Make sure that you fix the handle to your patterned card/paper prior to gluing onto the drawer front. This way the inside of the drawer will remain neat and tidy.
  • Don’t forget to decorate the inside of your drawers to make it a real professional finish

Our thanks to Donna for sharing this fabulous project with us!

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Jewellery Box with the Big Score”

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  • Betty Gaughan

    Absolutely gorgeous, and thank you for using English (inches) and not foreign ha ha. Seriously though its gorgeous Betty

  • Norah McPhee

    Good evening Donna and crafters companion,
    what a beautiful make project that would grace any little girls room with pride. I think the best thing about finding out about this giveaway is not the giveaway itself which is adorable but finding so many talented people that can give a piece of paper life as Donna has done with this creation. Stunning. Between this and Pam's hand bag i think i am going to be busy tomorrow creating. Thank you ladies and crafters companion for finding such talented individuals
    crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  • deb Brooks

    This is so very adorable. What a fun holiday gift to stuff full of treasures for a little girl. I will be making this for surè. Thank you for sharing with us.

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