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Club Inspire

Tutorial: Nordic Christmas Tissue Box


Angela has a tremendous tutorial to share today, featuring the brand new Nordic Christmas collection. You could adapt this loely tissue box for year-round use by using different embossing folder as well!

Suggested Crafter's Companion supplies:

  Directions: Before you begin gather these items:

    1. A cube box of tissues no larger than 11cm x 11cm


  • Three sheets of kraft card cut to 27cm x 18cm



  • Four squares of kraft card cut to 8cm x 8cm



  • Scrap pieces enough to die cut 4 reindeer



  • Four squares of Core'dinations card cut to 11.5 x 11.5cm



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 1: For each 27cm x 18cm sheet of kraft card score as follows:

      1. With long edge against lid side of the board score at 3cm, fold and burnish, re-position fold against the lid side of the board and score at 12cm


  • With short edge against the lid side score at 12cm, fold and burnish, re-position fold against the lid side of the board and score again at 12cm



Cut notches as shown above. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 2: Name flaps A-E and Sheets 1-3 as shown in picture. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 2a: Sheet 1 will form the top and one side of the cube. Fold flap A in and stick down inside the box. Cut the aperture for tissues to pass through using a circular or oval die or punch. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 2b: Sheet 2 will form two more sides of the box. Fold in flaps C and E and stick down inside the box. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 2c: Sheet 3 will form the remaining side (which will open to replace the tissue box inside) and the base of the box. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 3: Assemble the cube as follows:

      1. Glue flaps: 1C to 2A (picture 3)


  • 1E to 2B (picture 3)



  • 2D to sheet 1 end – where there is no flap



  • 1B to 3E



  • 1D to sheet 3 end – where there is no flap



  • 3D to sheet 2 end – where there is no flap



Fold in the remaining section of sheet 3, and mark through the aperture where flap 3C shows. Unfold and cut out the section which showed. Spray all over with spray and sparkle gold, open the side flap and set aside to dry. Once dry place tissue box cube inside and close the side flap. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 4: Lay the 8cm squares of kraft card over the 11.5cm squares of Core’dinations card so that they form a diamond shape over the square. Carefully lay in the embossing folder. Emboss each of these through your machine SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Step 5: Sand the Core’dinations card with your Sand-it gadget and remove excess dust with the dust buddy. Rub Vintage Photo Distress Ink over the kraft card. Glue the kraft card in the diamond position over the Core’dinations card, and glue the whole panel on to the box made at steps 1-3.   Step 6: Die cut and emboss four Elegant Reindeer from kraft card. Rub Walnut Stain Distress Ink over each reindeer and spray with Spray and Sparkle (Gold). Once dry, glue to the centre of each diamond panel with Collall 3d glue gel. See the whole Nordic Christmas collection:

Want to try this with a different embossing folder? Grab one of these!

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