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Tutorial: Candle Gift Set from Crafter's Inspiration Issue 8

Candle (Large)small

In the most recent issue of our popular Crafter's Inspiration magazine, we featured this stunning candle gift set by Hazel Parr. Here she tells you about about how she made it and how you can recreate it at home!

Crafter's Companion UK supplies:

Closeup3 (Large)small

"I bought my pillar candle from Morrison’s, so this tutorial is based on their candle size which is why in my base template the circle is 8cm. If you have a different candle, check your measurements. If it’s around 17cm high then just change the circle size in the base template to fit your candle in."

Box shot (Large)small

"There are two templates for my candle box. The first is the base (download the template by clicking here) and is made using an A4 piece of card. For the lid of the box (download the template by clicking here) you will need a piece of A3 card.

In addition to the supplies linked above, you will need the usual; ruler, scissors, and pencil for both parts of the box, but for the smaller base template you will need something to cut out an 8cm circle (either a die, punch or something 8cm to draw around and then cut it with scissors).

When you are drawing the template out onto your cardstock the solid lines are cut lines and the dashed line is a score line. I draw my lines in pencil and use a T-square ruler to make sure my lines are perfectly drawn at right angles, that way you are more likely to get a perfectly square box."

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