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Club Inspire

Tutorial: Mini Pizza Box


This adorable box will fit a heavily embellished A6 card quite neatly!

Supplies (also used: any A4 cardstock):


1. Trim the long side of your A4 sheet to 29 cm.

2.Using the box lid side of the Scoremaster, and butting the short edge of your cardstock against the edge, score at 13.5 cm. turn the cardstock so the other short side is against the edge, score again at 13.5 cm.


3. Butt the log edge of your cardstock against the box base side of the board and score at the 2 cm line, but only up to where the second of your two lines goes across the card.

4. Turn the cardstock through 90 degrees and score again at 2 cm, then turn through 90 degrees again and score again at 2 cm, and again only up to the second score line going across. You should have only scored half of the cardstock at this point.


5. Now to score the lid of the box. Butt the long edge of the cardstock against the box lid side and score at 2 cm but only on the half of the cardstock that has not yet been scored. Repeat as step 4 on the other two sides.


Your card should look like this


6. The middle of the card should look like this, you will see that there is a slight difference between the box base and box lid parts of the box, this is what allows it to fit together perfectly.


7. Crease and burnish the two score lines across the middle of the card.


8. Cut notches into the corners of the card and at the two score lines in the middle of the card as show, then crease and burnish your scorelines (this is easier to do when the notches have been cut, as the score line is not in the same place all the way along the two long edges of the card).

9. Glue the box base half together first by gluing the small tabs inside (this will be slightly smaller than the box lid half), and glue the two centre tabs to the inside of this half.

10. Glue the tabs into the box lid bringing the corners together.

11. Once dry your box lid should sit over the base neatly.

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