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Club Inspire

Colouring Tutorial: There's Snow One Like You

Advent Giftbag 1 WM

We've got a very special guest from the Spectrum Noir design team here on our blog today! Nicky is going to show you how to create this lovely gift bag!



Snowman 1 WM

Step 1. Stamp the snowman from the Cool Christmas unmounted rubber stamp set, from the Nordic Christmas range, with Nautical Blue Memento Ink.

Step 2. Starting on his scarf use CR10 on the areas that will be lightest.

Snowman 2 WM

Step 3. Next take DR3 and go around the CR10, and then blend the two areas together with the CR10.

Snowman 3 WM

Step 4. Now start adding some shadows with DR6 and blend them with the previous colour DR3.

Snowman 4 WM

Step 5. Add more depth to the shadows with DR7 again blending the join with the previous colour DR6, if you need to you can repeat the whole process again to get an even smoother blend.

Snowman 5 WM

Step 6. Now take HB1, go around the edges of the snowman and underneath the scarf.

Snowman 6 WM

Step 7. Deepen the edges and scarf areas with HB3, blend the two colours together with HB1, if you don’t like a hard line between the lightest colour and the white areas you can use the colourless blender to soften the joining areas.

Snowman 7 WM

Step 8. For the hat take IG10 and put in the very darkest areas first.

Snowman 8 WM

Step 9. Now take IG5 and softening the edge of the previous colour come out into the hat a little further.

Snowman 9 WM

Step 10. Next with IG3, fill in the rest of the hat blending in a soft circular motion, again you can do a second coat of the 3 colours to get a better blend.

Snowman 10 WM

Step 11. For the holly use CG4 and for the sash round the hat and berries use DR3 and DR6 to colour his cute carrot nose use GB6 and CR10, also using GB6 for the buckle on the hat.

Snowman 11 WM

Step 12. Add clear Sparkle Pen onto the Snowman’s body for a little frosty sparkle!

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