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Introducing the Diamond Press

Well folks – I’m typing this while sitting here on the plane on my way to Tampa (Florida) to HSN ready to launch our new machine – the Diamond Press on HSN on Monday evening!

You are going to LOVE it when you see it! In a nutshell, it’s a mini (and I mean truly mini!) die cutting and embossing machine. It’s so small it can fit into your handbag (or craft tote) and it’s super easy to use! It doesn’t have any ‘plates’ like a regular die cutting machine does, instead you cut inside a folder (like an embossing folder) so you literally pop your card/paper over the die and into the folder and in just 3 simple turns of the handle it’s cut!

The cutting area is just shy on 2 inches wide, and the machine comes with 2 different length cutting folders. We also have a fabulous collection of dies and embossing folders that go with it.

UK friends – I know you’re going to be devastated that it’s launching over in the States first, but we’ll be getting our UK shipment landing in a few weeks (watch this space for details of when, plus if you see below I’m giving you the chance to win one of 5 kits so you’ll be amongst the first in the world to own one!)

US friends – oh…. My…… word……. You HAVE to tune in to HSN on Monday evening for the launch – I know it’s at midnight EST and that’s super late for you east-coast folks, but trust me it will be worth it! You can’t afford to miss out on the deal that HSN are offering!

Not only do you get the machine and the special cutting folders, but you also get dies and embossing folders included in the kit too! And I can’t tell you yet what the price is going to be, but basically whatever you think it should cost you can HALF it!

For anyone new to the world of die cutting, then this is absolutely the most affordable way to give it a go! And for all the rest of us die-cutting-die-hard enthusiasts, then you just have to have one of these because they are so portable, lightweight and convenient!

I’ve had one now for about 2 months and I can tell you I look back now and I don’t know how I managed before I had it! It’s so convenient for the little cuts (like our mini word dies) and if you treat yourself to the nesting dies that work alongside it, and the alphabets then it’s perfect for personalisation!

Here’s a sneaky peak at some of the amazing samples the team have done for me to show on the launch…..

Processed with MOLDIV


And as promised, I’ve had 5 of the HSN launch kits shipped to our UK office to be able to give away to my UK friends. If you’d like to be in with a chance of being one of the lucky winners, then all you need to do is leave a comment below about why you would like one of these machines and I’ll pick 5 winners at random on Friday this week and post them on here!

US friends – I’m also doing a giveaway of 5 machines over on our US facebook page – click here to go and enter!

Watch this space for more details! Signing off from up above the pond! Sara xxx

245 thoughts on “Introducing the Diamond Press”

  • Karen Georgina

    I run a craft club and this would be brilliant to share and use with my crafty friends. What a brilliant idea, Sara it looks amazing xxx

  • Fiona Morrison

    Wow looks like a great machine hope I am lucky to win one

  • Sarah Castelow

    Amazing!! Would love one of these!! I am slowly growing my craft stash, majority is crafters haha! This would be ace to have on my desk or when i go to my nans. We craft together but normally i have to lug my big machine, this means she can ise this and easier for her too. X

  • Susan Welsh

    I would love to win one of these new fancy machines, I have just got back into crafting after a few years break and think this looks great for the smaller every day cards I make for charity.

  • Alison Starling

    Wow such a sweet but useful machine, just right for all the very small dies that get lost on the big machines.
    Would love the opportunity to use one.

  • Sue Mcd

    I would love a little machine to take with me wherever I go so I can feed my addiction to die cutting!!

  • Arlene Faulkner

    As newbie to embossing and die cutting, I'm enjoying using my Cut 'n' Boss but sometimes I just want something small. This would be ideal!

  • Janice mckinna

    apart from saving me haveing to lift out bigger machines, I could sit with it on a table and run lots of thing through it while watching T.V. but the most important part for me is it comes in purple

  • Margaret Jenkins
    Margaret Jenkins 25th January 2016 at 5:07 pm

    I would love one of these because i have space in my handbag!

    That and its just really cute and the nearest I'm likely to ever get to a real diamond ever again

    And I'm sure it would be so much more convenient for cuttong teeeny tiny dies than ot is to get a big machine out

  • Gemma Pullen

    I would love one of these so I could have it out all the time and not have to worry about how much space it takes up.

  • Pamela egdell

    Would love this as it will not take up much room ,would love to try it out

  • Liz Oliver-Taylor

    I already have the embosser which I love but it is very heavy to take with me to crops etc. I have been tempted to go for a smaller machine but have not come across a small and portable one I like. This one would be perfect. Thank you, Liz x

  • Linsley Withers

    WOW! Just what I need. It could sit on my desk and would certainly be my go to machine as I do so much on a small scale. I could also take it along to my weekly craft club where I help a group of eldery ladies. So simple yet the results would be professional.

  • ann bowden

    This looks to be very exciting to be able to use in a small space. What a great idea.!

  • Elaine worts

    "The best of goods come in small parcels" I would love to win this as it would be a fantastic benefit to my crafting, plus I love the colour:)

  • Linda Fleetham

    Amazing and a range of colours you are spoiling us crafters x

  • Ken Richardson

    Wow! This looks so handy for all those little "last minute" extra embellishments and finishing touches for a project - PLUS it will be amazingly useful in using up those little scraps of cardstock in your stash - you know....the ones you hang on to "just in case" - Well now you will be able to use them all up!


    WOW it looks a great little machine and for little hands. I would love to win one.

  • Michele Tucker

    Absolutely fab little machine to introduce my 4 year old Grandson into crafting along with his nannie. Would Love to win this.

  • Viv

    What a cute machine, no need for plates and embossing folders for it too?! Can't wait to see it in action. :)

  • Jane Redman

    I would love a die cutting machine so that I can add card making to my crafty hobbies :-)

  • Debbie Green

    Wow! So dinky and sweet :) Would love to win one, if not I'll just have to wait patiently for it to come to the UK :)

  • Marilyn Leigh

    this looks just what I've been waiting for.
    as i find it difficult to manage the larger machines i have almost given up doing die cutting.
    will I be able to use my original dies with it ?

  • Sue Carpenter

    Looks like a very useful machine to have for those small dies & sentiments. Also good to use when crafting with the grandchildren.

  • zena

    It looks so sweet,I would love one to try,I lost my crafting spirit and would love to get it back,this may well never know I be making cards forever more with this,well I'm just to cheer me up I see purple.

  • julie shepherd

    This machine looks so cute and so handy for all those small things we think twice about cutting when we have to get a big machine out. Cant wait for it to land in UK! (My favourite is purple too) ;)

  • margaret ibbotson
    margaret ibbotson 25th January 2016 at 5:32 pm

    Sarah, you have done it again. I love it youalways manage to come up with something a little bit different. As they say in USA. AWESOME.

  • Yvonne Bruce

    I work with older people and think they would be able to use this independently. They would be able to create their own embellishments rather than relying on me doing this for them (with my large machine) , thus increasing their sense of achievement.

  • Elizabeth Smyth

    I so want one of these for my other half!! He likes 'helping' with the little dies!

  • Lisa Hutton

    So dinky! I am quite new to crafting and I'm building my collection up and this would make a lovely addition to it! Along with the ultimate pro and sweet treats stuff which I plan to buy this week as soon as I get paid!! Ha ha xx

  • sharon butchers

    would love to win this as it would be an ideal size for my small grandchildren, they love crafting with nanny but cant manage my bigger machines.

  • Sue Cluroe

    Perfect to take to charity craft fairs with alphabet dies, to personalise cards ans sell more

  • Kathleen Macdonald
    Kathleen Macdonald 25th January 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Well diamonds are a girl's best friend after I would love to be BFF with the Diamond Press!!!

  • Liz hardman

    Wow, this I need ..... now.
    Perfect size to take to uni with me for labelling my artwork and tags for folder inserts, perfect size to sit on the table and make little labels instead of having to run a tiny die through a big machine when making sentiment tags and absolutely the perfect size for all the tiny dies and embossing folders you dont use because it's to much effort to use said large machine. Will even fit in my handbag ❤️

  • Sally Ann Spragg
    Sally Ann Spragg 25th January 2016 at 5:47 pm

    this will be great to take to card making classes, then I don't have to queue for the larger die cutting machines when I only want a tiny die cut!!!

  • Kerri-Ann Briggs

    I love the idea of a mini die cutting machine! How handy would it be for me to keep on my work desk & show customers simple die cutting without bringing out my big demo die cutter. I can also imagine me bringing it home to sit on the sofa with a lap tray experimenting with different dies & papers!
    What thickness / materials will it cut? Vellum, card, gliitercard?
    Look forward to more info soon!

  • Sue Killick

    I would love one of these machines as they are so portable. It would be perfect to take on holiday so I don't get withdrawal symptoms whilst I am away for home. Perfect for cutting out small dies like alphabets and labels which take so much more time in a large machine.

  • Mary Olaman

    Oh my word! How cute are they and such really attractive colours too, especially when a girl needs to be colour coordinated! Whoever designed this saw a whole in the market, it's just what we crafters need, I would love to own one xx

  • Helen Barker

    Love that it is so portable.Have a big die cut machine and when you are cutting little things it is easy to mis place tiny dies when moving the big cutting plates.So handy to take with you to crops and crafty awaw days x

  • Carol white

    I'd love to win one,I don't have enough space to fit a large die cut machine the diamond is just the right size

  • Laney Delaney

    Wow love the portability of this machine ..I am thinking crafting in front of the TVs! Great idea

  • Emma Winton

    Would be perfect for taking my card making with me. Would be great for my weekly craft club.

  • Jill Toft

    What an excellent little machine. I've never had a full grown model so this would be a brilliant way to start.

  • Denise Lawrence

    Not feeling at all well at the moment and I think a present of this Diamond (press) would help me get better. Thank you Sara.

  • Louise Jubb

    What a cute little machine. Love the idea of using a folder instead of plates, no more dies slipping off plates. Perfect for using your scrap card too.

  • Patricia Wareham
    Patricia Wareham 25th January 2016 at 6:05 pm

    What a brilliant little machine. Be great when you need a small die and really don't want or need to get out a bigger machine

  • Anthony Paterson
    Anthony Paterson 25th January 2016 at 6:10 pm

    i like this little machine it will be good to take to the lessons i teach and if not to much money have 2 or 3 to hand around can not wait to see more of what this machine can do

  • Julie Woolston

    I love it especially because it's portable I would be able to take it when I look after my Grandchildren, it will be so easy for them to use, I would be able to use this instead of my electric machine to save me so much time for small dies and I can see there is a purple one too even better.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  • Corrine Robinson

    Would love to win one of these. They look fantastic and perfect for my small crafting space - a perfect fit. Small and portable. Just what every girl would live. And would be the first 'diamond' I've ever won X

  • Wendy johnson

    This would be ideal for my 12 yr old son x I've been crafting for years but he's just starting out. He's using it has therapy after losing both his grandparents at Christmas x he loves using my tiny dies xx

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