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Club Inspire

Member of the Month: March 2016

We're pleased to introduce Wendy Coffey, our Member of the Month for March 2016!

I have been crafting for about 8 years with paper, that is. I have always “done things”...sewing, knitting by hand and machine and crochet. All the usual things we try. I used to sell my knitted garments to friends and also I worked for a shop doing alterations. I worked for a few years making curtains in a professional way, heavy work. So you can see I’ve tried a lot of things.

About 8 years ago I joined the local friendship group and went to an afternoon making cards using Spirelli techniques. Well that was it really I was hooked. I found the whole concentration of making cards, working out the design etc took me away from everything else. At the time my eldest daughter was very ill and card making became my release from all the anxiety. Basically I loved it.

I’ve continued to love it watching television programmes and going to classes. My daughter-in-law is also a keen crafter and a couple of years ago her mother became very poorly and was eventually diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. It was so sad for the family. They were all devastated. The lady quickly deteriorated and died in her sleep. She wasn’t even 70. My daughter-in-law decided to try and help the Motor Neuron charity by making and selling cards. She is a pharmacist and sells them at the hospital where she works.


We decided the best way to make more money was to try a craft fair. It went very well and we raised a good amount towards the charity. We felt it was very rewarding for us too to be able to make money from our hobby. We are trying another fair next weekend so we’ve been busy making!

We sold gift boxes with chocolate in. The box was made using the Big Score board, and smaller boxes for a gift of some sort with matching cards. We made notelets and tied them with ribbon and children’s gifts of boxes made to look like elves and father Christmas with sweets included. They sold very well.

One thought on “Member of the Month: March 2016”

  • Gunilla


    What a nice description of your crafting and all you do. Your craft look really professional. And it's as you say a big help if times are sad. Me myself live in Sweden and I'm quite lonely. Got a permanent pension last year due to, among other things , constant spine/knee problems. So now I'm most inside my flat making cards, and I'm totally hooked. It saves me and keeps me busy. For the first time I shall participate in a craft maket in our little town, held in the harbour. It's in July, 2 days, and i'm already a bit nervous. Im far from your level of card/box making, but hopefully I will get some cards sold. My goal is not to earn money, but to get back a little bit of what I have spent. It's an expencive hobby. But I lay all my money on this and it's worth it.
    It wa nice to read you presentation and I recognized me in many things. If you like, I would be very glad to hear from you, perhaps we could change ideas and tips. I think there are very few scrappers in my little town. We had a shop hear, but that one had to close, so now the internet is my only way to come in contact with other scrappers and do my shopping. I'm very jealous of you, I would also like to live in Durham .)

    Kind Regards


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