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Tutorial: A Country Life Pop Up Box

Finished Box

Today we have a tutorial for you from Carole, she shows you how to create this fabulous Pop up Box from the A Country Life CD! These are such fun to make! Supplies are listed and linked after the directions, so keep reading to see what you need.

Step 2

Step 1. Print the Pop Up Box onto Centura Pearl card.  Cut out the box, score the lines on the bottom section of the box, and cut the four lines on the top section of the box.

Step 3

Step 2. Cut out the four box flap sections. Fold the flaps down, and glue them in place.

Step 4

Step 3. Similarly, cut the four mats out and glue them to the flaps.

Step 5

Step 4. Stick the box together, using the small tab.

Step 6

Step 5. Fix the long back flap inside the box.

Step 7

Step 6. The smaller, matching piece is used to cover the part of the flap that shows at the back of the box.

Step 8

Step 7. Cut out two of the inside bars, and fold them so the ends are pointing in different directions. Add a scrap piece of card to the back. This will be used to attach the flowers.

Step 9a

Step 8. Before you attach the bars, check on where they will sit best inside the box. Attach the first of the bars to the inside of the box. Make sure that you stick one end of the bar first – place it as far back in the box as you can. Then add glue to the other end and very carefully squash the box. This will allow the other end to be in the correct place to allow you to flatten the box for posting.

Step 10

Step 9. Repeat with the second bar.

Step 11

Step 10. Cut out all the flowers. Arrange into three groups, leaving some over for decorating the sides of the box. Be careful to check that each arrangement will still allow the box to be folded once in place.

Step 12

Step 11. Attach the largest two arrangements, to the tabs on the bars.

Step 13

Step 12. Glue the smallest to another piece of card.

Step 14

Step 13. Then attach this to the inside front of the box.

Step 15

Step 14. Use some of the remaining flowers, and the sentiment and bows from the sheet, to decorate.

Crafter's Companion Supplies:

Have fun making some of these yourself, they would make a beautiful project for many different occasions!

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4 thoughts on “Tutorial: A Country Life Pop Up Box”

  • lorriane

    Great tutorial was having problems doing my pop up boxes will keep this for future reference
    Really helpful just love the tutorials

  • Joan Titterton

    This looks so easy and fabulously simple. Thank you so much, I have bookmarked it so I don't t lose it The instructions and photos are very clear, I am now looking forward to making this

  • Jeeanne

    Where do I get the paper and the cut out roses? I live in the USA.

    • lizwalker

      Jeeanne if you call customer services in the USA they may be able to help. The CD this is from is a Country life. 1.800.399.5035 Otherwise you can email the UK and ask about shipping to the USA

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