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Club Inspire

Tutorial: Destinations Address Book


Many of you have asked how this beautiful address book was made with the Destinations CD. Rachel shows you how you can make one with her fabulous step by step tutorial below.

Crafter's Companion Supplies:

Other Supplies: A pen, elastic, ribbon, a punch/binding machine.



Step 1: Start by printing all of the elements you will need from the CD and cutting out. I used one of the Paris designs. I printed the front and back covers and the alphabet divider tabs onto Neenah card and the inner pages of the address book onto copier paper.

I also printed a co-ordinating design onto the reverse of the alphabet divider tabs so that they would not be plain once the address book was assembled. I also printed the co-ordinating design onto another sheet of Neenah and also onto a sheet of Satin finish printer paper.


Step 2: Using the front and back covers as templates draw around these onto the reverse of the extra sheet of Neenah which was printed with a coordinating design, then cut these out.

This will be used to strengthen the back and front covers and hide where your pen holder will be on the front cover.


Step 3: If you want you can decorate a simple pen to coordinate with your address book. First you will need a pen which can be taken apart.

Cut a piece of the coordinating design which was printed onto satin finish printer paper so that it is the length of the clear section of the pen and wide enough to go around the pen at least once.



Step 4: Roll the paper tightly and push into the end of the pen – you may need to use the barrel of the pen to push it into the right place, then reassemble the pen.


Step 5: Take the front cover of your book and cut a narrow slit a bit wider than your piece of elastic (the piece of elastic should be long enough to wrap around your pen with extra tails).

Once cut, fold your elastic in half and push both of the lose ends through the slit, leaving enough at the front to hold a pen in place. Using red liner tape fasten the lose ends securely on the inside of the front cover.


Step 6: Take the pieces you cut earlier from the coordinating paper which mirror the front and back pieces and glue these to the reverse of the front and back covers using Collal All Purpose glue, use plenty of glue to ensure that there are no lose edges and rub off the excess.


Step 7: Now assemble your address book, putting in the various alphabet divider tabs in place with the inner pages and front and back covers in place, then bind using your chosen method (I have used a Cinch, but you could use book rings, ribbon or anything else you have available).
As a finishing touch, I also added some ribbon to the binding.


We would love to see what you make! Share your projects and cards with us on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram (#crafterscompanion), on Pinterest (@CraftersCompUK) or on Twitter (@CraftersCompUK)!

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