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I'm getting organised for Christmas early!

In line with the launch of the new Edge'ables Christmas Dies and some new Christmas Goodies from my Signature Collection just around the corner..It's prompted me to start thinking about getting organised for Christmas...I've even booked the office Christmas party venue already! Look at me!

With Baby Boy no.2 on his way in November...I'd love to have everything sorted for then! When I had Oliver in December 2013...I still made all my cards so I don't have any excuse this Year!

Every Year...around September I start with my Christmas cakes and experimenting with making different types of sloe gin and yummy tasting spirits (obviously I won't be able to taste them this year...that'll be Simon's job!). Last year I made a lush blueberry vodka and sour cherry vodka for our Christmas parties and for gift ideas! They always go down a treat....literally! Our Helen well and truely trumped me last year though with her gift set of homemade liquors! She'd been buying (and drinking!) the mini bottles of wine you get...for about 3 months before Christmas! She saves them and use them to bottle up her homemade apricot brandy, sloe gin and toffee vodka! She made the cutest little cocktail cards to go with them and gave them as gifts! I'll have to beat her this year...(and use my maternity leave wisely! haha).

Here's a few pics of me and Helen making Christmas choccies and cakes!

Helen helping with Cake
making chocs

Like I said before, I love making all my cards way way in advance..and will be doing the same this year! That's why we're launching all the fab new Christmas ranges in July so I can get my hands on the product and get crafting! I make cards for both sides of the family, all my friends and my lovely staff...(it'll take me even longer this year with all the newbies joining..I love it though!) Getting crafting with Oliver is one of my favourite things to do as a Mam. He's so creative and loves to get messy! He really makes Christmas even more magical!

oliver craft 3

oliver craft 11

oliver craft 22

I love going to local Christmas craft fairs to get my hands on handmade decorations and gifts! The one at Wynyard Hall is to die for...I'll be a frequent visitor this year! There's nothing better than walking around a craft market..munching on all the yummy food they're selling and sipping on some mulled wine....(again...just a cuppa for me this year thanks!)

We're lucky to have 2 Christmas trees! The one in the hall MY project each year! I get to decorate it to go with my theme that's always matching and looks like one of those in the magazines! We have another one, in the living room (the one where Santa puts the presents)...which is a free for all! This tree boasts many decorations collected over the years, handmade baubles, ones we've got as gifts for Oliver's birthday etc. It's so colourful and fun...everywhere you look, you see a dec that brings back a fab memory! I love decorations...I even have santa stockings that I bring out for the knives and forks at dinner parties at xmas!

Dinner party @ xmas

One dilemma I face EVERY year I put the decs up before Oliver's birthday on the 7th of December or after? Do I plan a Christmas themed birthday party for him and his friends...or do O keep it separate?.....what would you do?

I'm now feeling really festive after writing this! Can't wait for the shows to start on Sunday where I'll be launching my new Sara Signature Traditional Christmas range! The new Die'sire Edge'ables are so fantastic! Here's a little sneak peek for you!

Sara Traditional 1Sara traditional 3


Lots of love,
Sara xxx

14 thoughts on “I'm getting organised for Christmas early!”

  • judith hall

    Oh I'm so with you Sara - i love Christmas and I'm in full Christmas card flow already so that i have time to make them all - a few each month. As for the Christmas tree our (3!) have to be up by 1st December - the way I look at it is it takes so much effort to decorate the house that you have to get good mileage out of it. lol. My grandson will be 5 in December and theme is always just what he likes at the time (paw patrol last year) but its great that he has decorations for his birthday and a huge choice of novelties for his party at that time of year, far better than a dull November birthday! - have fun whatever you do - two December birthdays will be twice the fun! xx

  • Julie Woolston

    I plan every year Sara to start early with cards and presents, it hasn't happened as yet, maybe this year I will be organised. I think I would wait till after Oliver's Birthday to put decorations, but you do it when you want to there is no right or wrong.
    I love the cards Oliver has made they are the best, also the gorgeous sneak peek cards are fabulous, can't wait for the new launches.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  • Linda Kaufman

    I would start decorating early, but leave the one room that you celebrate birthdays in, free of any decorations. Also, keep the birthday theme something other than Christmas. I have an Aunt who has a birthday on Christmas Eve and she has made many comments in her 84 years that her birthday is overshadowed by the holiday. I too should really start my Christmas cards early this year! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of NEW Crafters Companion Christmas Edgeables....any idea when they'll be available in the US?

  • Christine Darwen
    Christine Darwen 8th July 2016 at 1:44 pm

    I love the cards that Oliver has made, he is such a little cutie. For what it is worth I would have a regular birthday party for Oliver, we have birthdays through the year - but once Oliver has had his birthday and Christmas he has to wait a whole year before the next celebration which is just for him. Just a thought......
    I love reading your entries, I love that you share so freely and inspire me to try new crafting keeps me sane - well mostly :) Thank you for all that you do. Crafty hugs, Christine xxx

  • Helen Adams

    Will you really take maternity leave? You'II be crafting in labour and then back on Hochanda with the baby strapped to your back!!......
    Take care Helen

  • Lynn Gwilt

    I love it!!!!! I too make my own chocolate truffles and goodies every year! It's so much fun and I love making things rather than just buying them. Oliver is so adorable and what clever ideas for having him craft along with you!!! I think I would give Oliver his own Birthday party and then decorate for Christmas after. That way he can have his own special celebration that doesn't involve Christmas. Take care and good luck with your new launch of dies!

  • The Scrapbook Lady

    I plan every year... I do a Journal Your Christmas or Day to Day in December stule scrapbook project and mini book album so that I can record all the little bits that I might otherwise forget. Can't wait to see the new Signature Collection as I am guessing it will be perfect for this kind of project! Happy scrapping, Jenx

  • Pat Carmody

    Hi Sarah!! You are going to have such a wonderful holiday season this year! A new baby boy and Oliver's birthday, plus Christmas!!! Our son's birthday is on December 11th and we have always waited until after his birthday to decorate for Christmas. When he was little, we didn't want him to be confused with his birthday and Christmas. As he got older, we kept the same tradition because we wanted his birthday to be just about him. May be silly, but it worked for us. He is going to be 30 this year!!! Take care of yourself and enjoy your time with your family. Sending hugs and happiness!

  • Holly

    I'm starting my cards earlier this year. T was way too rushed last year. As for Oliver's birthday, I don't think it really matters, as long as he feels special. When he's old enough, ask him who he wants at his party, Santa or Thomas the Train or a superhero? He'll let you know. I bet your trees are lovely. My Nana's trees always had bulbs handed down in the family on it. Good memories.

  • Carole Robson

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions, it's nice to see normal activities along side your very busy professional life. As a Christmas Day baby I would strongly recommend to keep Oliver's birthday parties as if he was born at any time other than Christmas. Keept the two completely seperate, then he will have at least TWO special days in his life. I never had a real size birthday cake until my 70th birthday. Stay well and keep up the good work you do.xx

  • Jackie Durrant
    Jackie Durrant 8th July 2016 at 11:15 pm

    Thank you for sharing in this way Sara. You make us all feel part of the family. My birthday is 19th December and I always felt "cheated" because I got combined birthday and Christmas presents whereas my brothers had theirs separately. So please may I suggest you make Oliver 's birthday special and wait until it is celebrated before you start doing anything Christmassy. Have a nice weekend. Best wishes

  • Suzi Mac

    I promised myself I would create at least two cards per month in January, here we are in July and I've only managed to make 4 and 3 gift boxes. Phffff!!! I'll be playing catch up again in Oct/Nov. Oliver's cards are amazing!! he must take his talent from his Mam. xox

  • Linda O'Connor
    Linda O'Connor 10th July 2016 at 2:49 pm

    I think that Oliver will not care if there are some Christmas decorations up at his birthday party. As long as the birthday is celebrates seperately. I reall need to get started early on my Christmas cards this year. Las year I was scrambling and did not get nearly as many made as I wanted too. My gemini should be here soon!
    Love the sneak peeks!
    Linda O'Connor

  • Pam Craven

    Sarah my birthday is 12 December and I always loved it. We always put the decorations up before my birthday and mum made me a large fruit cake, birthdays are not the same with the sponge ones of today, and as I got older I got a smallish present for my birthday and the much larger one from Father Christmas for Christmas. When I got to my teens this worked well as I could have a record player or bicycle as mum and dad put the two presents worth of money together so I could have one large one. I always thought that I gained by being a Christmas birthday girl and I still do. We still start Christmas on my birthday and I'll be 71 this Christmas! Ive just cut out the Silver Bell and next will be the Wreath and Angels to start planning a few cards using these -I bought them at Sandown last Saturday but looking forward to your Christmas collection.

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