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Club Inspire

Up-Cycling! How to make your very own chalkboard table for children!

Hi Everyone!

As some of you may know, my kid sister Helen did her first shows on HOCHANDA this weekend. She was so good.... I was dead proud of her, I think she's a natural! Did anyone watch? If you missed it you can watch it back on catch up....just follow the link,

Earlier last week I posted on Facebook the table and chairs she made for our Oliver. So many people commented that I asked her to write up how she created them for you all to have a go. Honestly, it has kept our Oliver amused for hours!


So over to our Helen.....

Steps to Create

1) Select your paint colours! Oliver wanted a blue table and chairs so I selected the Powder Blue and Duck Egg as a coordinate. You will also need masking tape, a paint brush (we prefer 1" as its quite a small table), a roller and tray set and chalk board paint.

step 1

2) Sand down the table and chairs before you start. Cheaper furniture can sometimes not have a smooth finish and this can be noticable through the paint coating. Give it a quick once over with a sanding pad to get rid of any sharp edges.

step 2

3) Paint your first coat straight onto the table and chairs. We're using the Powder Blue as our main colour.

step 3

4) Paint the Powder Blue onto the chair backs to coordinate your chairs with the table.

step 4

5) Re-coat! Whilst this paint will coat this colour of wood in 1 coat its always best to do two coats for a professional and thorough finish.


6) Mask around the chair back and then paint in Duck Egg.

step 5

TOP TIP! We recommend turning the chair upside down and painting the underneath bits first, they are often missed as less visible and then difficult to reach when other areas are wet. 

7) Re-coat!

8) Once the table is dry (this shouldn't take long!) Mask around the frame. Its now time to apply the Chalk-Board paint. Its recommended you apply three coats of this paint to achieve the full magnetic blackboard finish.

step 7

Now enjoy!

TOP TIP! As this table is for little hands it's likely you will need it to be durable. We would recommend applying a coat of clear Rust-Oleum Lacquer to finish and protect the table and chairs!

Sounds good to me! All the materials used are available on Helen's brand new website decoratingcentreonline, just follow the link;

If you like the look of this project, take a look at Helen's blog for more up-cycling ideas, including how to distress your furniture and turning a glass jar into a shabby chic vase. I know I am going to have a try!

Happy Up-cycling, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Lots of Love

Sara xxx





3 thoughts on “Up-Cycling! How to make your very own chalkboard table for children!”

  • Sue Cluroe

    I watched Helen on both shows and she was really great - able to answer questions, always clear and easy to follow. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done Helen and, yes Sara, you should be proud of the chip-off-the-old-block.

  • Julie Woolston

    I watched Helen's shows she did amazingly well, it was very popular, love Oliver's table I think my Grandchildren would love one.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  • Val Cole

    I watched Helen on both shows and she is excellent. The products are amazing and so easy to follow the instructions. Well done Helen. xx

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