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Sign up to our FREE online adult colouring course.

Grab a hold of a load of free colourable downloads, ebooks and videos led by our lovely Sara Davies and sign up to our FREE online colouring course! We want to help you take your colouring to the next level! Join us on this journey and share your creations with us!


Sign up to our Online Colouring Course..for free!

To celebrate the launch of Spectrum Noir's new colouring range, Colorista..we're hosting an online colouring course! Each week you will receive exclusive e-books, video content and free downloads to help you understand the world of adult colouring and find inspiration. Whether you're a novice or an accredited colourist - there's so much to learn about adult colouring!

The course will begin later this month and will run for eight weeks. The content will include:

  • tips on how to choose your perfect colour palette,
  • colour theory for adult colourists,
  • blending &¬†shading using coloured pencils,
  • Spectrum Noir Sparkle pens and alcohol markers,
  • secret colouring hints and suggestions on what to do with your colouring pages...PLUS much more!

A few days after signing up you will recieve a message from Sara Davies...welcoming you to the course and letting you in on all the details you need to know including dates and times!

We look forward to taking you on our colouring journey!


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