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My top 10 travel tips!

So... I have to admit, I got a little bored on my flight and decided I’d write a little blog post about travelling! There’s so much preparation that goes into a flight… especially for a fit to bursting pregnant lady! I’ve been receiving some amazing comments about how I should take it slow and relax so I thought I’d give something back to you…and look after you if you’re hopping onto a flight any time soon! This is me on my flight to the US with my Colorista goodies! It was a tight squeeze but we made it work!14055004_666578836831764_1775457268621501156_n

1. You must ALWAYS wear flight socks on a long-haul flight. And it’s not just about stopping your ankles from swelling (that’s just a nice side effect!) – I once met someone in the green room at HSN who didn’t even do that much flying but had got DVT from a long haul flight – it’s so terrible yet so preventable! So I always wear my flight socks – even when I’m just doing short hopper flights into Europe now – it’s not worth the risk for the sake of wearing a different pair of socks!

2. Comfortable footwear – you never know when you’re going to have to hot-foot it across an airport for a tight connection due to an unforeseen delay, so I always fly in some comfy trainers – good ankle support as well as a padded bottom! I’ve even been known to be wearing a trouser suit to travel in and wearing my white trainers with it! Not a classy look I agree, but I was glad of it I can tell you! :)

3. Makeup – I always travel with no makeup on – well anything over an hour’s flight – even if I’m arriving and going straight to a meeting, I would take my makeup in hand luggage – I hate the thought of sitting on the plane all those hours clogging my pores up unnecessarily so I always have a nice clean face to let my skin breathe!

4. Skincare
– I find the skin on my face really dries out when I’m flying so I slap on the layers of cream to keep it hydrated! My favourite at the moment is something from boots called Hydraluron and I put a layer of this on with my day cream on top for good measure (and even sometimes have it with me to re-apply mid flight on really long ones)

5. Hand luggage – I always find people have way too much hand luggage and it’s just a hassle carting it on and off the plane and through security. I always do a thorough clean out of my handbag the night before I fly and only pack essentials. And make sure all your liquids are packed together in a clear wallet that meets regulations – that includes things like lipsticks and mini perfumes (if you’re like me and you have half a dozen of these rolling around the bottom of your handbag!)

6. Vitamins – it’s really important if you’re flying a lot to be stocking up your reserves with appropriate vitamins. I was once told that zinc was a good supplement to take if you’re flying a lot, and I don’t know if that’s true or not but I always take it just in case! Plus lots of vitamin C (I get those 1000mg soluble ones and have one in a glass of water before my flight) and just a general multivitamin that you start taking a few weeks before you fly should do the trick!

7. Layer up clothes
– especially if you’re flying a long way and the temperate can vary between your departure and destination – it amazes me standing at Newcastle airport at 4am in the morning seeing scores of people just getting off a plane in shorts and vest tops absolutely freezing – it’s not like they didn’t know it would be so cold when they landed home! Plus you never know how hot and stuffy it’s going to be on the plane – so I usually wear a vest top with a cardigan and my scarf so that I have multiple layers that I can add on if strip off as required and my scarf always doubles as either a windshield type blanket or a hairnet if it’s windy!!

8. Travel pillow
– an absolute essential for if you’re flying! I don’t like those ones that are a U shape and go round your neck – I’ve got a nice actual mini pillow that I’ve attached a mini hook onto so it just hooks onto the back of my handbag when I’m not using it!

9. Book a window seat
– especially if you’re planning to sleep on the plane – it’s way less embarrassing falling asleep and drooling on a window than on some random stranger!

10. Miniatures
– I’m a bit miniature obsessed when i travel – I have a huge collection of good mini’s I’ve collected from various hotel visits over the years, plus I love it when the makeup companies have these special offers on where you buy 2 items and get a mini makeup bag of miniature skincare and makeup products free with it. The bags alone are great but I generally find now that I don’t travel with a full size anything!

I had an amazing time over in the US and want to say a big thank you to everybody who looked after me while I was at HSN and to everybody who watched the shows! Back in the UK and ready and raring to go for the UK Launch of Colorista…and a few more surprises along the way before I head off on my maternity leave!

Lots of love,

Sara! xxx

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