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Club Inspire

Member of the Month: October

Meet Heather, our member of the month for October. She lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband and 7 kids. Here is her story.....

I got into crafting when a friend at my Husband's office said I should make cards to sell as there aren't any cards shops here where we live in Saudi Arabia. That was around 7 years ago now. Why they said that I don't know but its what started my journey into crafting, I had always loved art so I guess it was easy to expand that. I enjoy crafting as it's my time to relax after doing all the usual things around the house!

I'm a stay at home Mum and once the kids are at school and hubby at work, I have time on my hands and I don't like to sit and watch TV. I do what I can for charity when I I make cards and other things to sell and I also crochet both to sell and for charity. The charity I give these items to is a local Saudi village out in the middle of the desert, where they are very poor, most don't work and they need a little help. So I hope the blankets hats and other baby items I make will make life a little easier for the people receiving them. My husband has worked at the national guard hospital for over 25 years and the lady that coordinates with the charity works there so when I have a bag of things ready I give them to her and she passes them on to the charity organisers.  The items I make aren't sold to raise money they go straight to the families that need them.

Next month I'm making poppies to sell for poppy day which will be sold to raise money for the charity. I'm part of a group of ladies at the British Women's group here in Jeddah that will be making the poppies to sell and raise money for the veterans. I'm also planning on making bundles of cards which I'll give to the organisers of the British Women's group raffle, the proceeds of the raffle go to several charities both local and international.


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