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Sara Blog: The busiest few weeks!

Hiya guys!

I thought I'd pop by while little Charlie is sleeping to catch up with you all and bring you up to speed with the craziest few weeks of my entire life! No joke! I've been totally off the radar lately... but I’ve still been sneaking a peak and trying to reply to all your lovely comments. I'm so sorry I can't catch up with you all!

Right...where do I start? Okay... the Colorista course!

A MASSIVE 10,078 people took part in the course and you keep signing up! It's amazing! I can't believe how popular and successful it’s been. I loved recording the eight classes and having a play with all the pens and it's been so nice to read all the fabulous comments from you guys. I'm so glad we’ve been able to help you develop your colouring, blending and shading skills with our glitter pens, alcohol markers and pencils – And I’ve seen some fantastic pictures of your creations! You've really used all the knowledge you've learned during the course and have taken your adult colouring to the next level, so well done everyone!

We're going to send another email out to you soon with all the course materials on so you can keep them in the same place. If you missed any of the videos, you can catch them all here and if you'd like to do a late sign up, that's no problem, just follow this link and you'll be able to sign up for our round up email as well as an extra special download when we send it out in November. One of our amazing colorists, the lovely Laine Webb, has also provided another fab tutorial to help  you to create gorgeous coloured origami flowers. They’re perfect for decorating the house, giving as gifts or titivating up Christmas presents this year!



And then... it was the exciting opening of our new Chesterfield store! What an incredible day that was. I can't believe we now have two stores in the UK! I'm honestly as proud as punch! Oliver helped me make some little fairy cupcakes for all the staff who did amazingly well, they worked super hard in the run up to the opening to get everything sorted!

14344173_679689995520648_2016647947215253531_n 14446091_679825952173719_7699793678531059584_n 14368637_680688165420831_1920684790711170952_n14445975_680688168754164_6886635757618488388_n

I also launched my new collection, Little Angel, this month, which is my favourite collection to date. I don't know whether it was because I was pregnant when I was designing and launching this but I love it so much! It's  perfect for all sorts of occasions - girls, boys, a new baby, christenings, baby birthdays - the lot. I shared my launch with Fiona as I had  to keep taking breaks for my feet! This was my last show on Hochanda for a little while and it was a really special one!

14570210_684734228349558_6669243754343252246_n 14517390_684734235016224_1900473424660886529_n 14469668_684734285016219_7023464696533313631_n 14440817_684746751681639_2431312848164019512_n14448923_685041634985484_2804151466973490702_n

I then had a few more days in the office before my maternity leave. I spent the time with all my colleagues, having fun and catching up, as well as going to some last minute meetings and handing everything over to my assistant Rach, who's been tremendous as usual over the last couple of months. I honestly don't know how I ever managed without her! The ladies in the Aycliffe store threw me a wonderful farewell party too. One of them even made this cake, isn't it amazing? And it tasted sooooo good too.

14568011_687373088085672_8654310937277172759_n 14590484_687373131419001_2887729528408842042_n 14494809_687373128085668_4627038995173984192_n

We spent the weekend decorating the nursery and adding the finishing touches. We also had to pack for London because on the following Monday evening I was travelling down to London - with the family in tow - for my investiture on Tuesday, which was one of the most amazing experiences! I was up from the crack of dawn for my mam to do my makeup and Helen to fix my hair. I received my MBE from Prince William and we had a lovely chat. He told me what an amazing product the Enveloper was and we spoke about babies too! All the staff at the palace were fretting over me and making me feel super-special. My dad had a few tears and told me (for the millionth time) how proud he is of me.  My husband was glowing with pride at my side all day and Oliver made the cutest palace photographer ever. Celebrating with my  family really was the icing on the cake - it was the most perfect day!

14479669_688629501293364_1288686158404334850_n 14670708_689582204531427_438816717033618914_n 14650548_690024064487241_8935176618331485927_n 14650536_690144561141858_176418317343849147_n 14642400_690144564475191_3816857493057249804_n 14708193_690144607808520_5997621184813432358_n 14632862_690144614475186_9025979452919663733_n 14650048_690144654475182_2289422285651830119_n 14666210_690144677808513_6734161507535247711_n 14657278_690144701141844_679869769554436925_n 14657478_690144801141834_2356429700979229186_n 14666185_690144864475161_8072138246101893178_n 14591627_690144914475156_4835934416576949042_n


I also wanted to share some marvellous cards that the DT made for me  to congratulate me on my MBE. They made the cards out of my Sara Signature Collection. It was so lovely of them and I posted one a day on my FB page in the run up to the day.

14563317_686746888148292_4155639780195391377_n 14525040_686758238147157_6905303449781347228_o

We got home on the Wednesday after our whirlwind trip and I went into hospital on the Thursday. I had to be induced as baby was pretty big (as you can see)! Charlie Oscar Davies came into the world on Saturday 15th October and the guys in the office made this cute photo for us.


Here are a few pics of the new edition to the family! We are home – the best place for us - after a week in hospital. I had a few issues post-birth (hence I’ve taking ages to post this update) but the hospital staff were absolutely amazing and I'm on the mend now. Oliver has been spending time with his new baby brother. He is so full of kisses and cuddles. He even brought a card in for Charlie that he made at nursery and he helped the nurse to feed him a little cup of milk that mammy had spent ages making. The two of them together are beyond cute!

14670879_693645180791796_286943749241045921_n 14642086_693804760775838_2598701585070405520_n 14681845_693804820775832_1006988576743648569_n

14718747_696476327175348_7586804181583534324_n 14729156_696476323842015_8274705905392791445_n14753246_696476363842011_3835701185788516003_o

We're so happy to be home now after a week in hospital and I can't thank the hospital staff enough! We've been exceptionally well looked after by the whole team on Ward 10 at University Hospital of North Durham, but there was one lady who stood out of the crowd - it would have been a long old week without her support and guidance, so thank you so much


Okay guys... I can hear Charlie stirring so it must be feeding time! I'm so glad I got the chance to share these photos with you!

All the love in the world,

Sara! xxxx


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