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Club Inspire

Inspirational Tutorial: Make your own Christmas bunting!


Making your own bunting is easy and entertaining. Complement your Christmas decorations with this super cute and fun Flag Bunting and show off your skills!



Step 1: Cut a rectangular piece of paper 3"x4.5" . Draw a line from the top in the centre at 1.5". Measure 1" up from the bottom and make a mark. This will be the top point of your triangle. On both sides of the centre, angle your ruler and draw a line from the mark to the bottom corners of the paper. Then cut along the lines to create your template.


Step 2: Using your template cut 14 pieces of flags using the Softly Falling paper pad.


Step 3. Die cut using Centura pearl a piece of the Olivia Ribbon threading die and glue in the top of the flag. Repeat with the rest of the flags.


Step 4. Die cut a medium size scalloped circle made out of silver mirri card and glue on the top a stitched circle made out of Centura Pearl Snow White. Repeat 14 times.


Step. 5. Die cut out of purple mirri card the letters "Merry Christmas". Glue it on the top of the white stitched circle. Glue the pieces on the flags.


Step 6. Die cut a medium size stitched circle made out of Centura Pearl Snow White. Die cut a scalloped circle made out of silver mirri card and glue it on the top the stitched circle. Repeat to make one more piece.


Step 7. Die cut 2 stars from the Festive Trio set in purple mirri card and glue each one to the pieces with the scalloped silver mirri card in the centre.


Step 8. Add a rectangle of 2" x 3" made out from the pattern cardstock. Glue it to the back and in the centre of the piece with the star. Glue a purple bow on the top of the circle.


Step 9. Punch holes in the top corners and string all the flags together with the organza white ribbon. Remember to add the decorative circles at the start and end of the "MERRY" word.

Tip: The length of the bunting can be reduce by dividing the bunting in tiers.

Here is a list of supplies Soraya used to make her bunting.
Crafter's Companion supplies:


Other supplies: Organza Ribbon White and Purple, purple mirri card, silver mirri card and a Hole Punch

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