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Club Inspire

Inspirational Tutorial: Half Apron

Do you or anyone you know love to cook up a storm in the kitchen? Emily has a tutorial for you to create a half apron, it's great for keeping things handy in while you are having fun in the kitchen!


Dimensions to cut your fabric
Main apron piece- 22 ¾ inches by 11.5 inches
Pocket piece- 22 ¾ inches by 8 inches
Apron ties- 22 ¾ inches by 4 inches ( You will need 3 of these)
Bias Binding- 2 metres

Step 1:

Round the corners of the material for the main apron piece and the pocket piece.

Step 2:

Using your free stencil cut out your desired applique. Emily used the cake stand with three cupcakes on the top.


Step 3:

Using your Stick and Spray adhere these onto the pocket piece of the seeded cotton and then using your sewing machine, sew around to applique them on.

Step 4:

Apply Bias binding to the top edge of the pocket to neaten it (use your preferred method) Then attach the pocket piece to the main apron and sew all the way around attaching the pocket. Sew close to the edge.


Step 5:

You then need to sew two lines to create your pockets. This can be however you would like it. Emily sewed her two lines roughly about 16cm from each edge to make 2 smaller pockets on the outside and the middle pockets so it is the biggest.


Step 6:

Apply your Bias binding to the outer edges of the apron being careful around the curves. I usually open up my bias binding sew at ¼ inch and then flip the bias binding over to cover that seam on the back. You can then hand sew this for the neatest method but this can also be machine stitched if your confident enough.


Step 7:

With the three tie piece sew the together on the short ends and press open. Then press the long strip in half and open back up and press each outer edge into the middle. Finally press in half again so that all edges are concealed. Also press about ½ inch of each short end in to conceal those edges too.

Step 8:

Find the middle of the apron and the middle of the long ties and match these notches up. Pinning the middle piece of the ties to the apron to secure. Starting from one end sew along one short end, all the way down the bottom of the tie until you get to the apron, carry on stitching the ties onto the apron but being a bit more careful and steady with your stitches. Carry on until you get to the opposite end and finish by sewing up the other short edge. And that's it one apron fit for a baker!

Here is a list of the things Emily used to make this fabulous apron for you

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