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Club Inspire

Inspirational Tutorial: Make-up/wash bags

We all love something to put our make up or wash things in when we go away, these nesting bags from Emily are perfect for this! The smaller one would be great for use in your handbag keeping your things together and easily available for use! No more rummaging looking for things! Follow Emily's make up bag tutorial and have fun! You could make them in so many different colours and give them as gifts...along side some cosmetics for that extra special surprise.

Nesting make up bags

Measurements for cutting the material for the outer of front and back of the make up bags.
Large: Two  pieces of material 11" x 8" and two pieces 11" x 3"

Medium: Two pieces of material  9" x 10"

Small: Two pieces of material 7" x 9"


Step 1: Cut out all outer front and back pieces for the large and medium size bags using the measurements above.

Step 2: Using the English paper piecing template cut out five of each of your two chosen fabrics, Emily used the prym glue marker to fold the fabric around shape. Hand sew  five pieces together alternating the fabric. You should now have two rows with five tumblers in each.

Step 3: Cut out the remaining pieces for the front and back of the smallest makeup bag.

Step 4 Piece together the sections for the large bag and the small bag. This is also the time to add any embellishments to your outer pieces. Emily used the ribbon that tied the fat quarters together as a trim and the  button factory kit to add a fabric button to the middle of the medium sized bag.

Step 5: Now cut out all the front and back lining pieces so they are the same sizes as the outer pieces.

Step 6: Now it's time for the vinyl. Cut out a piece the same size of each front and back. (so you should have six pieces) Follow the instruction on the heat and bond to make your fabric washable!

Step 7: You now need to cut out your fusible interfacing for each piece of lining and adhere them on to the lining pieces using no steam and on a medium heat.

Step 8: Cut the zips off your zips on a roll so they are slightly wider than the fabric, this makes is easier to sew so the slider doesn't get in the way.

Step 9: To attach your zip get the outer front of your makeup bag, and place the zip tape right side down onto the right side of your fabric and sew, Repeat with the back piece sewing the right side of the zip to the right side of the fabric.

Step 10: This is where it may get tricky. Hold the zip in your hand so that both outer pieces are facing down and right side together, Now place one piece of the lining over the zip so the right side is facing the wrong side of the zip and sew across ( you will notice that your sewing over where you have already sewn the outer piece) Now repeat for the other side of the zip tape right side of the lining facing the wrong side of the zipper.

And when it's flipped the right way it should look like the photo below.Step 11: Bring your outer front and back pieces so they are right side facing and the lining pieces so they are right side facing. Sew all way around the four sides leaving a gap in the bottom of the lining for turning through.

Step 12: On all four corners pinch the material so that the side and bottom seams meet to form a triangle and measure 1.5 inches from the top point and sew along that line. You can cut away the excess material above the seems when you have finished.

Step 13: Turn the bag so they are right side out through the gap that you left. Making sure all the corners are nice and crisp. You can then sew the gap up that you left. Push the lining inside your bag and that's it ! Finished. Repeat these steps for sewing up on all of your makeup bags.

Here is a list of supplies Emily used for her project:
Crafter's Companion supplies:

If you're challenging yourself to a new craft in 2017 - please share photos of your make up bags! we'd love to see them!

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