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Club Inspire

Mum's the word - create a cute handbag for a gift this Mother's Day!

Mum’s work so very hard, why not take the opportunity to give your Mum a handmade gift. It allows you to put your time, knowledge, talent and all your love into it. How special can that be and it allows you to tailor it exactly to her taste – a totally unique gift. Mum's the word!

Mum's the word gift for Mother's Day

Crafter's Companion product you will need to create this handbag:

Sadly, the Grace Bag Frame is now sold out on our website - please check this link for stock and to see other styles.

Directions - remember Mum's the word!

Step One: Seams are all ¼”.  Use a matching thread or a neutral tone that will blend with the majority of your fabrics. Iron all fabrics and trim pattern or make a template.  Cut fabrics and leave aside.  After the fusible fleece has been roughly cut, press onto main fabric using a hot dry iron, leave to cool and trim of any excess fleece.  Refer back to the main pattern and transfer all relevant markings from the pattern to the fabrics.

bag 2

Step Two: Sew the darts closed on both sides of the main and lining fabrics.  The top of the bag is not sewn at this point, only the sides and bottom.  Using the lining fabric put right sides facing and line up pattern markings, pin or clip to hold.  Note that there is a marking point on both the main and lining fabrics and that the dotted lines are to create a channel tie off or put a few securing stitches at the appropriate points .  Sew down one side and across the bottom an inch or two.  A gap of 3 -4” must be left in the lining to pull the main fabric through.  Sew down the other side and across the bottom remembering to leave the gap.  Sew the fabric all the way around as no gap is needed in the main fabric.  Reinforce the stitch area at the darts if necessary.  Turn the bag through and check the stitching is caught the whole way round.

bag 3

Step Three: Turn the main bag so fabric is facing out.  Put this inside the lining, the lining should be with right side facing in; – both right sides are now facing each other inside the bag.  Carefully line up the seams, pin securely, carefully sew the lining and the main bag together together.  Roll the fabric at the bag opening between fingers to get a neat edge.  Two seams have to be sewn along the marked areas, this creates the channel that the bag frame fits into.

bag 4

Step Four: Pull the lining from inside the bag and either hand stitch or machine stitch the gap at the bottom.  Follow the instructions for the frame, slide through the prepared channel and cap securely.

bag 5

Step Five: The bag can be left at this stage however if you wish embellishments can be added. To embellish, die cut or scissor cut some felt flowers then sew or glue a button or brooch in the centre.  Ensure the embellishments are secure.  Place on bag and attach with some small stitches or use strong fabric glue.  Congratulations -  bag complete!

bag 6



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