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Club Inspire

March: Three Steps To Scrapbook Heaven

Have you got a little bit of time to spare? Let me see - just half an hour to yourself would be enough. Fancy a brew? Well, pop the kettle on, grab your favourite cuppa and settle yourself down in your cosy chair. Now that you are ready to be creative, let's take three steps to our scrapbooking happy place. PS: there are still a few bundles left for March so get yours now.


Step One: You Find A Snap You Love

Can you remember the last time you were at your favourite place? I guarantee you will have taken a photograph. Maybe of a view. Or a person. Or something you all got up to. So where is that photograph? Is it trapped in your camera or stuck inside your phone? Did you share it with your friends on social media? Before you finish that cuppa, promise yourself that you will print that photograph out, because you are going to put that snap on the scrapbook layout you are just about to make.


Step Two: Take Paper, Scissors and Glue

Without doubt, you want your album to last forever, so it is really important that your layout begins with a really strong base. Stop stroking that paper pad which you just cannot bear to cut into and take that trimmer to it! If you love the feel and the smell and the design of a paper pad, then scrapbooking is just right for you because - and here is the thing - you will get to keep that paper that you love in an album forever with a precious memory attached. Begin with a 12x12 base and then build up layers of rectangles and squares glued together firmly. Sara Signature Collection 12x12 paper pads are all 180gsm, so two or three pieces secured with Collall All Purpose glue makes a page which won't flex and bend when turned. Make sure that the All Purpose Glue is completely dry before you begin to build the page further. Decide where the photograph you have just printed will sit and use Collall Photo Glue to place it firmly.


Step Three: You Tell The Story Brightly

Now, the fun really begins... time for story-telling and decorations. Add some texture and interest to the page using an embossing folder. Pick out the flowers in the photograph or in the paper with a carefully chosen die cut. Give your page a vintage feel with pieces of lace and ribbon which coordinate beautifully with the paper pad. Any Sara Signature Collection range is bursting with elements for you to make and use which will make your page shine... and make anyone who sees it smile. Put the Xyron Sticker Maker through its paces and use all those little scraps of paper you have left. Create a Diamond Press Word Die title that you can glue straight onto the page with Collall 3D Glue Gel (Grab your essential Scrapbooking Glue Kit here!). Use your Ultimate Pro to make a tiny journal card and envelope and write a little or write a lot.

March scrapbook bundle

That Sure Seems Like Heaven To Me

At the end of a busy day, when all the bustle is done, there is nothing quite like spending a little bit of time, thinking about happy memories, looking through photographs and talking about them. There are only three things you need to find your scrappy, happy place: your recollections; your layout base; and things to make your page look nice. Let your creativity flow and enjoy!

Are you ready to craft along for March?

Happy Scrapping,

Crafter's Companion!


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