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Club Inspire

May Scrapbook Inspiration

Happy May lovely Scrapbookers! Here is this months scrapbook inspiration. Click here to view the video and here to buy  the bundle if you want to catch up!

Playing Word Games

I love books, I have loads of books. I like the smell of them and the feel of them. I have some really old first editions and some dog-eared paperbacks that have been read over and over again. I look after them well and have bookcases all over my house. But there is one book that I have that is more precious to me than any other. It is a really old book. One of those boys' own adventure style books that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Full of cricket stories and travelling tales of dare and do. The illustrations are fabulous and the way the words are written is pure magic.

However, that's not why it is a special book to me. In the front of this dusty, musty tome, there is some scratchy, uneven, cursive, pencil writing. It says, "This book is the property of Leonard Wadge aged 10 years. If found, please return to this address.".

And there you have it: my grandad writing to me across the ages. It is his hand writing. When I rub my fingers across that little message, I feel as though he is there. It makes me smile and I remember him.

Tag! That's It!

So, that is one of the reasons why I write on my scrapbook pages. One day, someone is going to leaf through my albums and they are going to be so happy that I wrote the story of their life and recorded our family history. They are going to love the fact that it is my writing in there. Getting that story onto the page is very important. There are lots of ways to pop the information onto the layout. One of my favourite ways is to journal the details onto a tag. The tag die which comes in the Gemini box is a perfect size and has a ready cut hole for thread or ribbon.

Hide and Seek

Hiding your writing in the layers of paper which make up your page is a great way to leave a message for the future. Use the Ultimate Pro to make a small envelope and the Scoremaster to make a tiny journal card. Pop the card inside the envelope and sneak it away. Can you imagine how surprised and delighted someone will be to find a message from you as they are looking through your album? If you really don't like your own handwriting, then there are other ways. There are some great stamped sentiments available as part of the Crafter's Companion Die Sire Sentimentals Rubber Stamps range. Stamping "I Love You To the Moon and Back" on your layout might just be all you want to say.

Hop, Skip and Jump

If you don't want your story to be hidden away and you want it to be an important part of the page, you can make your words into 'stepping stones' across the layout. Stamp, write or type the sentence onto good quality card like Sheena Stamping Card or Sara Signature Collection paper, then cut out each individual word. Raise each word on Collall 3D decoupage glue and scatter the words across the page from left to right so that the reader has to hop, skip and jump across the layout to read the message . Of course, Crafter's Companion Foil Transfer  sets contain great wording too. Add a bit of sparkle to your story by using those on your page to make sure your words shine through the ages.

We hope you've enjoyed your May scrapbook blog. Please don't forget to share your layouts with us on our dedicated scrapbook event on Facebook and see the video here!

Crafty Hugs,



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