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Club Inspire

Spectrum Artliner- Fine Line Feline!

We are just too excited for the launch of the new Spectrum Noir Artliner Pens on Hochanda that we thought we'd give you a fab sneak peek tutorial from Sarah.

Love to draw and illustrate? The new art liner pens from Spectrum Noir provide all you need for precise, bold images and lettering. Their fine nibs are perfect for adding intricate detailing to any art project, using lines, dots, whichever way you prefer to build up your desired effect. If you love to doodle in your spare time, these are the pens for you.

Need a little inspiration for using your art liners? This tutorial provides you with a variety of techniques that can be used with your pens to create stunning effects. Let’s get creative!

To recreate Sarah's project, you'll need

  • Sheena stamping card
  • Spectrum Noir art liner pens (black and colour)
  • Spectrum Noir fine liner pens (grey)

Step 1

Using a pencil, draw a circle (use a bowl or plate if needed) big enough to fit your design, this will keep everything nice and tidy. You can now draw your design within the circle!
(Optional) Once you have the basics of your design, take a ruler and draw a line down the middle.

Step 2

Create a mandala-style pattern by drawing circles, waves, teardrops and lines. Continue to build up your design on the whole image, or on one side of the line if you chose to draw one.

Step 3

Use an eraser to erase part of your pattern, just enough to see it still but dull enough for the pens to draw over.

Step 4

Take out your coloured art liners and starting with one colour, draw over the lines you created with your pencil. Alternate in colour as you change lines. Continue until you are happy with your result!

Step 5

If you have drawn a line in your image, this part is for the opposite side. If you have chosen to just use the coloured liners technique you can use this new technique on another project! Take the smallest pen in your black pen set (005) and add your fine detail lines.

Step 6

Take a larger pen (03) and use it wherever you feel your image needs more depth. The boldest pen (08) can be used for strong areas of an image such as the lining of an eye.

Step 7

Once you are happy and finished with your main image, the outer circle previously drawn can be used to frame your artwork! Flowers have been used for this tutorial but you can draw anything you feel will compliment your art. Use a pencil to start your border.

Step 8

Erase your border slightly, like before, and choose a colour suitable for your image. A pale colour will work best to keep the main image the focal point. This tutorial used the pale grey, tip number 03 for the border. Trace your pencil lines, add any finer detail, sit back and admire your creation!

Crafty Tip

Use your fine liners to shade your images, build up your shade gradually by continuous dotting, the closer the dots, the more shade it will give.

Don't forget to tune in to the One Day Special this Sunday on Hochanda at 6pm!

Crafty hugs,



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