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Club Inspire

Build-A-Block™ Hourglass Wall Hanging Project

Now that we've launched our brilliant new Build-A-Block™ project, you'll no doubt have lots of ideas, but how about one more?!

This is the second step-by-step guide in our dedicated Build-A-Block project series, to help inspire you and illustrate the versatility of this amazing patchwork system.

We have chosen to use three coordinating fabrics, but feel free to select your own colour choices or even use up your old scraps!


You will need

Build-A-Block™ dies

49.5x91.5cm (19.5x36”) of wadding

99x183cm (39”x72”) of backing fabric

49.5x99cm (19.5”x39”) of red fabric

49.5x99cm (19.5x39”) of yellow fabric

1 Sirdar 100% cotton ball of yarn & crochet hook (optional)

Gemini die-cutting machine

Sewing machine

Basic sewing kit



Step 1

Choose a block from the Build-A-Block™ booklet and use the dies to cut out the pieces you will need as per the instructions. For this project we have chosen to use the hourglass block following the instructions to create a 12” block.

Step 2

Sew your block together following the instructions in the Build-A-Block™ booklet. Repeat Step 1 and this step to create an additional

Step 3

This wall hanging is made up of two full blocks which have been turned on point. To fill in the areas around the turned blocks, you will need to create four half blocks to fill in at the sides.

Step 4

To finish the blocks on the front of the wall hanging, cut out some extra squares to fill in and square-off the top and bottom.

Step 5

Cut out four 5cm (2”) border strips for the sides and top and bottom of the wall hanging.  Stitch the side borders first and then stitch the bottom and top borders in place.

Step 6

To create your hanging loops, cut three strips of fabric measuring 15x6.5cm (6x2.5"). Fold and iron the fabric in by 0.6cm (¼”) on each side of the strips, then fold them in half along the length and topstitch all around to hold in place.

Step 7

You will now need to cut out a backing piece of fabric and wadding the same size as your wall hanging.

Step 8

Place your wall hanging front and backing fabric right sides together, placing the hanging loops along the top edge, sandwiched between the front and back. Make sure the loops are facing inwards.

Step 9

Now place your wadding on top and sew all the pieces layers together, but remember to leave a gap for turning the wall hanging out to the right side.

Step 10

Turn the wall hanging out through the turning gap so the right side is now facing. Stitch the turning gap closed by hand and press the project.

Step 11

As an optional finishing touch, create a fringe using Sirdar yarn. Crochet a foundation row of chains that will fit across the bottom of your hanging and work a row of double crochet into the chains, then work a further row of double chains, and cast off.

Step 12

Attach the crocheted trim to the bottom of your hanging using a zigzag or decorative stitch.

Step 13

Use a crochet hook to attach 46cm (18") lengths of yarn to make your fringe. Once these are attached, they will create a fringe measuring approximately 23cm (9").   Once all your lengths are attached, you can knot your fringe or leave it free.

Top tip

If you do not want to crochet a fringe, you can purchase and use a pre-made decorative trim of your choice.

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