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Club Inspire

Glass Candle Decor

What you need

Round Jar Candle
Crafter’s Companion Glitter Fabric Sheet
Gemini Multi Media Decorative Panel Die
E6000 or other heat resistant glue
Gemini Scissors Measuring Tape
Optional: Silk flowers and pearls

Create the wrap

To begin measure the diameter of your jar candle.

Then measure the height you want the die to cover. (The height of the Decorative Petal Panel die I used was an exact match to the height of my candle.) Cut your piece of Glitter Fabric to those dimensions.

Place your cutting die on the edge of the fabric and make 1 pass through the Gemini.

Move your die over and match up the pattern so the die tessellates and you have a continuous pattern, then run the die and fabric through the Gemini again. Repeat until you have cut out the entire strip of fabric.

Then line up your fabric to the outside of your candle and place a small amount of heat resistant adhesive onto your fabric and wrap your fabric around the candle and hold in place for a few minutes.

You can stop there or if you want to dress up your candle even more you can make a flower corsage type of addition to stick on the candle.

Find some small silk flowers and fabric or pearls of your choice and glue them on to the glitter fabric in any design you would like. Make sure the materials you use are heat resistant and will not melt against the hot glass when the candle is lit.

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