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Free delivery available on orders over £20

Free delivery available on orders over £20

Pen & Marker Organizers for home or travel

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Tiffany Spaulding

Do you always craft in the same place? If so, you need easily accessible, visible marker organizers that have a permanent home in your workspace.

If you like to move your markers, pens and pencils around, maybe just around your home, maybe to crops or classes you need organizers that can be used at home but then easily packed up to move around.  Are you dropping them into your crop tote, or just grabbing them so you can color on a short road trip?

I’ve given examples below for each of the organizers we make that are designed for pens, pencils and/or markers.  Think about how you are most likely to use yours and then choose the right organizer for your crafting life.

Stationary, at home pen, pencil & marker organizers.

If you ONLY craft at home and have a permanent place in your workspace for pens, pencils and markers try these solutions.

From our Desk Maid product line – the 9″ Pen & Ink Palace, or the 15″ Pen & Ink Palace could be the ideal solution.

The Pen & Ink Palace designs are identical in every aspect except their width.  They each have 5 staggered, slide out trays.

The biggest advantages to using these:

  1. They allow you to store your double-tipped markers flat.
  2. Markers are VERY accessible.
  3. There are no dividers, so if you add a new color to your collection, it’s very easy to slide it into place. You don’t need to move EVERY individual marker as you are required to do with the “divided” storage units.
  4. Almost any size, brand, style of marker can be stored in a Pen & Ink Palace.  Chameleon markers are the exception, they are just too long.

9″ Pen & Ink Palace

15″ Pen & Ink Palace

Organizers that can be stuffed onto a shelf

Need to be able to stash your double-tipped markers away, but still store them flat?  There are a couple of Fab File boxes that are perfect for this type of storage.

The 8×8 Fab File is great for a mix of markers.  Long enough for Tombow and Artist Loft, but also good for Copic, Spectrum or Colorista.

The 5×7 Fab File is the perfect height for Spectrum, Colorista, or Copic. Stand it up for easy access, store it on it’s end to keep markers flat.

Organizers that are easy to move around

As I mentioned earlier,  how and where you use your supplies should dictate the types of organizers you choose.  If you’re dropping things into your tote that you can pull out and put away at event – try the Debra, Denise or Terri Buddy Bag.

Debra – great for shorter markers like Spectrum Noir and Copic.

Terri – taller than Debra, ideal for longer markers like Tombow & Artist Loft.

Denise – the biggest of the bunch perfect for Spectrum Noir, Colorista or Copic.

Want to be able to color in the TV room, on a plane or during a road trip?  The Colorkeeper Stand & Store is ideal.  There is a large pocket on the back of the Colorkeeper that will hold your Rotating Design Board, color book or sketch pad.

The Colorkeeper folds flat for storage, but folds into a stand for use. It has 24 pockets and will accommodate 72 colored pencils, or 24-48 markers and pens.

For air travel, fold the two levels of the Colorkeeper flat and tuck it into the seat back pocket – easy access to all of your pencils, but no rolling around.

Clicking on the provided link for each of these products will take you directly to the product where you’ll find more information, dimensions and pricing.  If you prefer to see all of these item on the same shopping page, use this link.

If you have questions or need help choosing the right organizer for your pen, pencil, marker collection, please use the comment box below or email us at

Thanks for stopping by today.

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