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Free delivery available on orders over £20

Free delivery available on orders over £20

Planning with The ScrapMaster

  1. Read time: 2 minutes
  2. Written by: Tiffany Spaulding

As many of you already know, I’m a planner JUNKIE!  I was recently invited to teach a Planner Class which got me thinking about the different ways to organize planner supplies.

For those of us who already work in 12×12, the ScrapMaster can be a good solution for organizing your planner supplies, especially if you’re traveling to a crafting event and you want to take just a few things, that will fit into your 12×12 crop tote.

I was thrilled to discover 2 things;

My sticky note collection fits into our 5×7 Stamp Pockets

Our 5×7 Stamp Pockets fit into the upper left hand interior pocket of the ScrapMaster.

Because everything is clear, it’s a little bit tough to see in the pictures, but I’ve got all 5 Sticky Note/Stamp Pockets tucked into the ScrapMaster pocket.  It’s like a tiny portable filing system.  Cute and functional!

Storing extra planner pages

I used our 8.5×11/A4 tabbed divider pockets to organize and store my extra planner pages.  These pockets work for both sizes of planner pages, standard 8.5×11 and the smaller 7 x 9.25 pages.

I was able to put all 5 tabbed divider pockets into the inside right pocket of my ScrapMaster.

Clearly Visible

Of course, one of the things I like best about having my supplies in the ScrapMaster is how visible they are.

The clear pockets make it easy to see everything stored inside the ScrapMaster.

Thanks for stopping by to see how I used our ScrapMaster to organize my basic planner supplies.  As I mentioned above, this is a simple way to pack a few planner supplies and take them with you to a crafting event or store them in your 12×12 storage system – whether that’s cube storage or our 12×12 paper storage options.

Happy Crafting & Planning,

  1. Totally Tiffany

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