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Club Inspire
CI13 Templates

In issue 13 of Crafter's Inspiration, you'll find some projects requiring a downloaded template, please download it here!

This is an Adobe PDF file. It requires Adobe Reader to view it. You can download Adobe Reader free of charge here


Wordsearch Solution

Here's the solution for this issues wordsearch


Crossword Solution

Here are the answers for this Issue's Crossword!

Solve the clues then rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to reveal a card making technique (9)



1     Zigzag braid used for trimming (6)

4     Act without speaking (4)

6     Young bear (3)

7     Rubber (6)

8     Day before a special festival (3)

10   Alloted site for a market stall (5)

11   Loft room (5)

12   Mount an artwork ready for display (5)

13   Fizzy drink (3)

15   Enclosed part of a card (6)

16   Tin container (3)

17   Garden building sometimes used for hobbies (4)

18   Use a needle and thread (6)



1     Strip of pleated or frilled material or card (5)

2     Knitting stitch (5)

3     Clear sheet that can be used behind apertures (7)

4     Design made from multicoloured pieces of glass or stone (6)

5     Fine soft leather used for bookbinding (7)

9     Hard glossy transparent coating (7)

10   Slow-drying ink used for heat embossing (7)

11   Pleasantly occupied or entertained (6)

13   Pattern of small loops as on lace (5)

14   Tool that makes holes in paper or card (5)



ACROSS: 1 Ricrac, 4 Mime, 6 Cub, 7 Eraser, 8 Eve, 10 Pitch, 11 Attic, 12 Frame, 13 Pop, 15 Inside, 16 Can, 17 Shed, 18 Stitch.

DOWN: 1 Ruche, 2 Cable, 3 Acetate, 4 Mosaic, 5 Morocco, 9 Varnish, 10 Pigment, 11 Amused, 13 Picot, 14 Punch.


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