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SWALK Colouring with Copic Caios Tutorial


Thanks to everyone who came to see us at Doncaster, it is always great to meet our customers, we had a really good weekend. Many of you were asking what Leann was using to colour our lovely new SWALK images on Fridays show, they were Copic Caios which you can buy from Crafters Companion website, just click here to go direct to the page. Sara thought you might like to learn a little more about the Caios and has also asked me to post a colouring tutorial using them, so here goes.
The first thing you need to know about Caios is that like Promarkers they are Alcohol Markers therefore you need to use a Dye Ink pad to ink up your stamp, after much trial and error I find Memento is the best pad to use, if you use an ink such as Stazon as it is alcohol based it will bleed as soon as your Caio touches it, it will also ruin your nib. The next tip is to find a good smooth card to stamp onto, I can recommend Neenah Classic Crest card from Crafters Companion range. Unlike Promarkers which have a hard bullet shaped nib Caios have a longer softer nib which is as easy to use as a brush. Finally a good way to get depth to your image is to work on the 3 marker principal, A Dark Shade, Mediun Shade and Light Shade, it is not always possible to find 3 close colours but do not despair, I have a cunning tip in the tutorial when this occurs. Now on with the tutorial:
Step 1 – Face, Hands and Legs
004 005 006
Apply your darkest colour E21 in light feathery strokes, around the hair line in a thin line as shown in (Picture 1.) Then apply your medium Flesh Colour E00 over the first line of colour and out into the image a bit further (Picture 2), lastly using the lightest Flesh Colour E51 colour the whole face going back over the two previous colours until they are blended as shown in (Picture 3.) Add a fine line of Green G14 around the iris of the eye.
Step 2 Hair
007 008 009
I couldn’t find 3 colours close enough to shade the hair so here is my tips for using just 2 but still getting depth to you colouring,
Start colouring hair by apply the darkest colour Y21 again around the edge of the hair (Picture 1), then using the lightest colour YR31 on most of the hair leaving a little white showing as in (Picture 2). Using YR31 again go over the entire image you will notice this has given you very subtle shading (Picture3)
Step 3 – Dress
010 011 012
Colour one third of the dress with the darkest pink RV13 as in (Picture 1), now using medium pink RV21 bring the colour out to about two thirds of the image (Picture 2) the whole dress should then be coloured with the lightest pink RV000 blending all the colours together (Picture3)
015 Colour the hearts and butterflies then using a pale grey W1 draw a thin line around the image and a little shadow under her feet, you will be amazed at how this little step just makes your image pop.
To help you with choosing your pens and colours here is a list of the colours used:
Flesh – E51, E21, E00 Hair – Y21, YR31 Dress- RV21, RV13, RV000 Eyes – G14 Edge W1.
I am no expert and this is just the way I colour my images but I find it works for me, I do hope you find this easy to follow and if you decide to colour using Caios please leave us a link so we can come and see your work.
Have a good day
Jacqui xx