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Sara’s Birthday Weekend

Well I had ever such a lovely Birthday weekend so I thought i’d share some pictures with you all!
Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who sent me such wonderful birthday cards – i’ve been taking pictures of them all and uploading them to a facebook album – there’s some real gems in there so make sure you have a look – for inspiration if nothing else!
Then also i’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who sent me a birthday message – there were literally hundreds of messages, and it really made my day sitting reading them all! There were just too many to reply to them all personally, but please all know how touched I was!
Now, my birthday weekend… I spent Saturday with my best friends and we had a girly day out at High Force (that’s a local landmark waterfall in Teesdale – very beautiful, and we had the perfect weather for it!)

And we had to take our Poppy for a look out… (Poppy is helen’s dog really, but I managed to ‘book her in for the day’ so we picked her up on the way!)

Then on Saturday afternoon I had some friends round for a birthday BBQ! Our Helen baked me some cakes and we had champagne… I had far too much to eat and drink, but it was a great evening! All of the photo’s were uploaded to a gallery which you can view online here

Then the girls stayed over on saturday evening, and we spent sunday morning lying in bed watching the latest Harry Potter Movie (just what Sunday mornings are made for!). Then at lunchtime, Simon just announced that I should get ready because we were off out…. but he didn’t’ tell me where to… he just packed a little suitcase and off we went!

Well I have to say, i LOVE surprises, and this one definitely didn’t disappoint! He’s booked us a night up at Slayley Hall. Well, what a fabulous hotel! I can’t believe it’s just on our doorstep (well, about 45 mins drive!). It was so beautiful, and felt like we were a mission miles away! An absolutely perfect birthday treat!

So, I guess I’m another year older… 27 and counting…! But I don’t mind birthdays when you get to celebrate in style with friends like this all weekend!

Sara xxx