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Entrepreneurs Forum Emerging Talent Award


Well what a fantastic night we had last night! I was thrilled to be at the North East Entrepreneurs Forum annual conference and dinner yesterday evening, and to be presented with the North East’s Emerging Talent Award!
The Entrepreneurs Forum is an exclusive north-east based association made up of leading entrepreneurs from around the region. I was invited to join the forum in the Summer last year, and have been involved over the past few months in mentoring, and being mentored by some of the other incredible entrepreneurs in the group.

Every year, at the annual conference and dinner, the forum board of directors select 3 individuals from within the group to be awarded with 3 special awards – one of which being the Emerging Talent Award for an up and coming business-person in the region.




It was a really fantastic evening – I sat on a table with some incredible people (and by that i’m not only referring to my hubby, mum and dad and Kamala! but also some truly inspirational business leaders) and getting up to be presented with the award was just amazing!



I made a very gracious acceptance speech and dedicated the award to my incredible team of staff who work tirelessly day after day to turn my business dreams and visions into a reality. 

I was really thrilled to be able to take my mum and dad along to the ceremony – look at the smile on my dads face bless him, he was proud as punch! They had a lovely evening and were just beaming proud parents. 

The lovely people at the Hilton were kind enough to shower us with Champagne to celebrate!


I was also pleased to be able to take along Kamala – who many people close to our business know very well as she’s been with me from day 1 building the business from our little tiny office in the garage, to where we are now 5 years later.



It was a fabulous award – made of solid glass, and hand crafted by students from sunderland university. It was just incredibly heavy!


The whole event was captured on film, so as soon as we have a copy I promise to update you all!

And after all that excitement and a VERY late night, I had to be up at 4am and i’m currently sitting in the airport lounge in Newcastle waiting for my flight to Miami… I’m scheduled to land at 3pm, and I’ve got a meeting from 5pm that lasts pretty much all weekend, then i’m flying straight back home Sunday evening to arrive home Monday evening ready to shoot straight down to the studio’s in Peterborough to bring you the launch of our cutesie little elephant humphrey on tuesday night at 9pm!


I hope you’re enjoying the ‘sneak peaks’ and I look forward to seing you all for the launch on tuesday!


Sara xxx