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Just arrived in Chicago!

So, we had a really early start this morning, ready for our long trip over the pond to Chicago! Leann, Simon and myself are travelling over for the CHA Summer Show which is held in Rosemont on the outskirts of Chicago. The show doors officially open on tuesday, so we’ve got a few days to setup our stand and prepare everything beforehand… i’ve got the feeling it’s going to be a busy week!
So anyway, we got to our hotel around 2ish, and we’ve just had a relaxy afternoon, unpacked and been for some dinner. You can see from the photo’s here that Leann and I were shattered but we powered through and have managed to stay up past 10pm chicago time, so hopefully no bad jet lag for us!!

If any of you haven’t seen our US sales manager Gary in any of our pictures before then let me introduce you… Gary’s based over in Portland, so also had a relatively long flight, but was still looking fresh as a daisy when he arrived! (oh, and that’s my hubby Simon looking as casual as ever!)

And let me introduce you to our newest recruit… this is Bindy, and she’s from California – she joined us almost a year ago, and was with us for the Winter show in LA, but this is her first time organising a big show like this away from home with the company so she’s had a busy few weeks getting everything ready! (and yes those are Leann’s and my feet up on the couches in front!!)

Anyway, Bindy was keen as ever to get on my good side 🙂 and anyone will know the way to my heart is through a good cup of tea, so look what present she bought me… technically Bindy works under Gary, so in essence i’m her bosses boss! So she’s had me a special mug made… it reads ‘to the best bosses boss ever’!! 🙂

Anyway, we promise to keep you updated from the show, so watch this space for some behind the scenes gossip, some no doubt incriminating photo’s of us lot over here, and hopefully some insightful knowledge of the latest trends in the industry from the summer show!

Signing off for now… Sara xx