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Lovely lace border


Did you love yesterday’s post showing Leann’s fabby creation? Want to see another one? Yes? Well you’re in luck as Leann has been a busy, busy lady making this beautiful lacy card. I’ll hand you over to Leann so she can explain to you how she put together this gorgeous look…
Following on with the Heartfelt range, I simply HAD to showyou this lace border die, isn’t it a thing of wonder and beauty? I just keeplooking at it and stroking it! A shocking admission but it’s true!
As if it isn’t beautiful enough I wanted to make it evenmore beautiful and glitter it! – so I thought I’d show you how.
Step 1
Run the die through your machine with some white cardstock. Iused 160gsm weight cardstock – it’s the light, printable one from the Crafter’s Companion website – as I wanted the finished result to be light and lacy. Remove the die from the machine and, on the reverse of the die, use a pokey tool to poke out all the little pieces which have been die-cut – leaving just the lace border in the die.


Step 2
Lift up the corner of the design and remove the lace border slowly and carefully from the die.



Step 3
This die has been very cleverly designed; if you look at thefar-left and right of the lace design you will see that it is exactly the same. This is so you can create more than one and make long borders which join perfectly for scrapbook pages orlarger cards. I love that feature! Having said that it is an exact 6″wide, which is perfect for me as I love 6″-square cards.


Step 4 (B Pic 4)
Lay your design in a spray booth (a plastic box lid for theun-initiated! )and spray with Stick and Stay. Using tweezers, transferthe design to a piece of scrap paper and sprinkle with glitter (I used crystalglitter). Shake of the excess and you will have abeautiful detailed glitter lace border, which is a thing of true wonder tobehold!


Step 5
The additional feature this lace designs has is perfectlyspaced eyelet holes for ribbon to be threaded through. I’ve used the double-sided satin and satin-edge organza, both from the pastels pack on the Crafter’s Companion website. I’ve layered them and threaded them throughthe die-cut lace border.


Step 6
I’ve matted and layered a 6″-square base card using somescraps of paper from my stash and a lovely burgundy from the Roy G Biv Core’dinations pad forthe card base. The lace border has been secured in place using Collall 3D glue gel behind the ribbon and whitedries clear PVA glue, also by Collall, in little dots on the lace border.



Step 7
Stamp the butterfly from the Posy Patch Garden Delightsstamp set using the Sweet Plum Memento Dew Drop. Add colour and blend toco-ordinate with the papers you have used on your base card. Make sure to go out of the lines as I have,as you will use the corresponding die to cut the butterfly out.




Step 8
Create a template for the butterfly die, as you did to cutout the lily petals in yesterday’s project. Line up over the coloured image and cut out using the die from the Decorative Border Butterfly set. I lovethis as the butterfly is lacy, but has all the little dots and shading in theright places using this technique. I’llbe using this a lot!



Step 9
Create a second butterfly in the same way. Leave thebase butterfly flat and curl up the wings of the second butterfly. Stick the two together in the centre at the body to create a 3Dembellishment. Place at the top cornerof your card to complete the design.


To complete the card you could add a little sentiment too if youwish. I like to make my cards without sentiments until I want to send them,that way I can choose an appropriate sentiment for the recipient when I chooseto send it. If I add sentiments straightaway, you can guarantee I will want to send the card, but the sentiment is not appropriate, so I tend to leave them off until I need it!
Have fun
Leann x