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Christmas Party 2011

Well, Saturday saw the Crafter’s Companion team take to the track for an afternoon on go-karting fun! As you can see, Sara and Leann were well up for it, before the ‘Practice’ session started! We had 15 minutes of racing, to qualify for the Grand Prix – which was 30 minutes of racing… in wet/icy conditions – made for lots of spinning off, but it was VERY good fun…

This is either Sarah showing great concentration and focus before qualifying started, or as she claims ‘this is pure fear’ 🙂

Guess who won the Grand Prix…….. our very own Sara! It didn’t go down too well with one or two of the lads 🙂 Here’s Sara displaying her trophy, whilst Ross checks out the laptimes on the official results sheet!

On Saturday night we headed out on the town for a lovely meal and some(!) drinks…

Sara enjoyed her Tiramisu dessert 🙂

Below are a number of pictures from post-dinner drinks… see if you can spot the eyes getting a little more blurry, and the smiles a little bit broader 🙂

Leann and Kam:

Meg and Sharon:

Sara with James and Ross:

Sara, Louisa, Sarah and Leann, with Ran getting in on the photo at the back 🙂

Claire, Meg, Sharon and Michelle:

James, Ross, Simon, Paul and Ran in their best boyband pose!

I think you can see, a great night was had by all – lovely food, lovely company, and some ‘lovely’ dancing later in the night… you can see all the pictures from our Christmas party (across three albums!!!) on the Crafter’s Companion UK Facebook page!