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Crafty trends for 2012


As part of the new product development process, we’re always keen to look at new trends in the marketplace. Sara has been busy doing just that in the last few weeks, so we thought we’d share her findings with you.
“During the tail-end of 2011 we’ve noticed a resurgence of larger cards being made and I think this trend is here for stay for quite a while yet, especially with all the tools and materials available now that enable crafters to create embellishments and toppers in a larger format. It has also been noticed that whatever trends are happening in the fashion sector often follow quite closely in the papercraft world, so expect to see rich jewel tones coming through more on cards.

Bling is most definitely back in 2012 so grab your metallic embossing powders, glitters, gems and foils for cards with the wow factor. Shiny finishes are set to be popular so whether it’s adding a high-gloss finish to your work or using shiny papers as accents on your cards, small touches like these will definitely be on-trend. The trend for adding haberdashery items to papercraft projects shows no signs of going away – in fact, it’s going to get bigger and more adventurous!

Things like creating your own beaded embellishments (for instance flowers and mini frames) look like they’re going to be huge, as does simple wirework such as dragonflies, flowers and words. There has been more and more mixed-media crafting coming through in 2011 and the way things are heading this is set to become even bigger in 2012, so dig out your materials from your beading, sewing, knitting and painting stashes and get ready to have a LOT of fun in 2012!”