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EZ Mount – it’s as easy as 1-2-3

You may have noticed that we’re now stocking the fabulous EZMount stamp cushion and you may be wondering what’s so great about it…

What makes EZMount so special?

The printed EZRelease liner makes removing it quick and easy as you prepare to mount your rubber stamp to the adhesive. The density of our cushion is formulated to give you just the right amount of “give” when stamping without being squishy. The super-smooth cling side creates a vacuum bond between your stamp piece and the acrylic block – a bond that is backed with a lifetime guarantee!
Benefits of the EZMount System

  • Precise image placement – you can see through the acrylic mount to know precisely where to stamp your image.
  • Perfect positioning – multiple stamps can be positioned on the acrylic block and stamped all at once. Create your layout on the acrylic block before you stamp it!
  • Flexibility – long and skinny stamps, such as a border can be bent and shaped to match a particular curve.
  • Value – unmounted stamps can be purchased at a significant cost savings vs. wood mounted, and because EZMount is mounted permanently to your rubber stamp piece it means that you will never need to remount it or apply additional adhesive to make it work with your acrylic blocks.
  • Longevity – EZMount is guaranteed to cling for life! Unlike generic cling foam alternatives which may wear out or temporary adhesive sprays, tapes or wet glues that need to be re-applied, your EZMount stamp will always cling to your acrylic blocks.
It’s as easy as 1-2-3