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Ultimate Pro Chest of Drawers Project


Morning everyone

Well I had a wonderful show this morning with Andy Love,

and as per Andy’s request we made the chest of drawers project

I’ve had a couple of people message in to ask for the measurements, so here they are…

To begin, you need to cut 4 squares of card for the drawers to 11.5cm and score them on the ultimate box lid line 2 and assemble

Then for the top and bottom stoppers cut 2 squares of 8.75cm and score box lid line 1 all the way around and assemble

The outer wrap is 297mm x 155mm and you score box base line 5, then create and butt the fold against the butt bar again and score 5 again – do this 4 times to create the 4 sides of the box

Stick the pieces in place as per the picture here

If you want to see this in action, it’s one of the projects I make on the Christmas DVD which is included in the kit we’ve got as the 4 Day Deal.

Hope you can join me again at 4pm with Lottie – I’ve got some more exciting projects I want to make, and then this evening don’t forget Nigel is launching his A-MAY-ZING craft into Christmas range over on Ideal World at 9pm with our lovely Leann, and then I’ve said I want in on the action, so I’m going to do the 11pm show with Nigel too (so Leann can get an early night ready for the big day tomorrow!!)

Will update you whenever possible with some behind the scenes pics from the shows!

Love and hugs, Sara xxx

Location:Create & Craft Studio’s, Peterborough