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Update from CHA


Hey everyone – I’m sitting in the back of our early morning Spectrum Noir class and have finally got chance to update you on the show so far. I’ve had back to back appointments, dinners, classes, catch-ups and all sorts since we arrived, so I’ve never had a minute to fill you in, and boy it’s been an exciting few days!

So Monday was our setup day – we had a class on the morning, so while we were busy teaching, the guys built the stand, and then us ladies came to tittyvate and add the finishing touches!

This is Randy – he’s our Sales Manager over in the US. As you can see he was incredibly busy doing…… Well I’m not quite sure what he was doing, but he assures me he was very busy doing it all the same!

Then Jennie (our Education Manager) and Sharon (from one of our Canadian Distributors) we’re busy organising the samples and displays.

The show floor is an exciting place the day before the show opens – theres always loads of funny machines whizzing about all over the place!

And our new Fall Catalogues just arrived in time for the show…

Our Meg (who many of you will know – our Marketing Manager and my very good friend who is based back home in the UK) designed the catalogue, and my word it looks spectacular in print!

So….. That was setup. Then on Monday afternoon I was at the innovations showcase – which is an exciting event where all the new products are showcased. I just wanted to share a couple of my favourites with you…

I just loved these ladies! They have a fab company – it’s basically a set of baking products but for dogs!

So this is a doggie cake! But humans can eat it too (I tried it – I wouldn’t say I ‘loved’ it, but it was certainly edible)! They include ingredients which are proper human foods, but they have omitted the additives which can be difficult for our dogs to digest.

They also have a special frosting that works on the same principle…

How awesome is that!?! But best of all they were just the nicest people! I really hope their business takes off!

Then this was a jewellery making product which I remember a version of when I was little – my grandma used to do this with me, but we used a bobbin with some nails that my grandpa hammered in! I’m sure we called it ‘cork knitting’ or something like that, and we used a crochet hook to do it.

Well this is the same idea, but used in a jewellery making capacity to make tubular designs – I think the finished pieces look great!

And then I also saw this laser square, which is a special alignment tool – you can set the laser at any depth, and then it gives you a perfect line to align the elements on your project.

It had so many applications, and I was really impressed with the company!

Anyway, onto the show itself… The doors opened yesterday morning and we were busy right away (despite being right at the back of the hall – loads of people made a beeline right for us!). Jennie was running make & takes all day and it was so busy!

Then at one point a camera crew turned up and wanted to record the demonstration – I didn’t get chance to speak to them to see what the plans were with the video, but if you keep half an eye out on YouTube then you’ll probably be able to find it in the coming weeks.

Right, the class is well underway now and they are in need of the ‘glamorous assistant’ so I’m up folks! I promise to take more pics and share with you when I get chance again! Lots more fun stuff planned over the next few days so watch this space!

Signing off for now! Sara xxx

Location:Rosemont, Chicago