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Being on the DT is an amazing place to be!


It’s our Birthday next week, and as part of our celebrations, we’re giving one of you the chance to become a Guest Design Team member for three months, over on our Challenge Blog. We thought it might be nice for you to hear from someone who won a spot on the Design Team by taking part in our Birthday Card competition a few years ago, so she can give you an insight into what it is like being on the Design Team.

Name: Nandia Fytraki

Time on the Design Team: a year and a half

When I won the Crafter’s Companion Birthday Week Card competition in October 2010 I was overjoyed that I would get to spend two days crafting with Sara and Leann! I had no idea that this would only be the beginning of an amazing journey. When I got the email from Leann asking me to join their Design Team I was literally jumping up and down. Of course I said “Yes!!!”

I joined the Design Team in Spring 2011 and I feel so honoured and privileged to be a member of this wonderful team of talented people and a member of the Crafter’s Companion family. It is always such a thrill to receive new products before they are released and to be able to create and design with them before they are out. And sometimes, if we are very lucky, we even get to see and comment on products when they are just ideas! But shhh…!!!

And seeing my samples on TV is so exciting EVERY TIME! I love watching the shows and seeing my creations and sometimes even hearing my name mentioned! Part of my 15mins of fame I guess! But the best feeling of all for me is when I get to give a little bit of inspiration to other crafters. When they look at my samples and creations and comment on them or ask how they were made or even ask for a little bit of advice, I love it. Because this is how I started as well, by looking at others for inspiration (and in fact I still do it!) and if I can give a little bit back to the crafting community then I will be very very pleased.

Happy crafting – Nandia xx