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Live colour-a-long Part II

Morning all!

I just wanted to thank those of you who joined me for my first ever live-colour-a-long last night! We had loads of people join us and colouring a long at the same time and I really hope you all took something away from it!

Right – for anyone who missed it – my fabulous techy people here managed to record it, edit off the bit at the beginning where I was just wibbling on waiting for you all to get access, and it’s uploaded to YouTube – so here you go!!

I must admit, i’ve just watched the first minute or so back and I cringed at the sound of my own voice and the double chin i’ve got the way the camera is looking up at me, but hey – no one is ever happy with their own pictures etc are they!?!

Here’s the finished card…

And if you’re just wanting the coloured bit to reference…

And I just have to address one question I got asked… Bear in mind, the colour-a-long was taking place in my office, and of course you can see what I’ve got stuck on the walls behind me… many people commented about the rather disgracefully defaced picture of me in the background…

So i’d like to set the record straight and explain to you all how that has come to be… Earlier this year, at the CHA Winter Show in Anaheim, I was presenting on one of the booths, and as such, there were pictures of me up around the stand. Well on the last day I found that one of the pictures had been defaced, and when questioning the staff on the stand, it turned out that one of them had photographic evidence of the culprit!

Yes people… we would recognise that hair anywhere!

So, I brought the picture home with me to display in my office, as a permanent reminder every day of the respect many of my senior staff have for their wonderful boss! So if any of you are speaking to Ms Chivers, I hope you mention to her that you know all about her antics and that you were also highly disgusted!! 🙂

Anyway, back on a more serious note! I hope you all enjoyed the colour-a-long, and now we’ve worked out how to get everything setup, you must let me know what other themes and ideas you would like to see us work on together with you. Leave your comments on here for us!

Until next time! Signing off for now, Sara xxx