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Handmade Chocolates


Just had to share this with you… As you know, I made a lot of my own handmade Christmas Presents this year, and one of the easiest ones I did were these cute little christmas tree chocolates!

I started simply by melting a couple of bars of both white and dark chocolate

Then, I had bought some silicone christmas tree moulds in the sale just before christmas, and I filled them first with some chopped nuts, and then dropped the dark, and then white chocolate into them…

And just left them to set in the fridge for a few hours!

I feel like a bit of a fraud calling them home-made chocolates, when all I did was melt and re-form some chocolate with a few nuts in, but people felt like i’d made a real effort and were thrilled!

And again, just wrapped up in a little cello bag with a bit of ribbon tied around the top, they did look kind of special!

It’s a really quick and easy way of making everyone feel like you went to a lot of trouble, and I would highly recommend giving it a go!

Happy Christmas! Sara xx