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My personal news


OK – so hopefully some of you will have seen my note on the monthly newsletter today, and you’ll know my news! I’m 16 weeks pregnant and expecting our first baby a few days before christmas.

Given that i’m only 16 weeks pregnant at the moment, i’ve got some serious ‘bumpage’ going on! I didn’t think i’d be showing this much this soon, but they say everyone is different! The hospital have assured me it’s not twins, but I can’t help thinking that if i’m this big now, what am I going to be like later on in the year!

My good friend Kirsty Wiseman was visiting last week and when I told her my news she insisted on doing a ‘baby bump’ picture for me – she’s just got such a way of capturing the shot!  I’m going to get one of those ‘my first grandchild’ photo frames for my mum and frame this! Speaking of which – they are SO excited – it’s the first grandchild on both sides, so i’ve got 4 incredibly over excited grandparents-to-be!

I think some of you know already, but i’ve got all 4 grandparents on the doorstep (quite literally) – Simon’s mum works for us in our customer service department, so she works through in the adjacent room to my office, and then my mum’s business is based in the same building as ours. So i’ve got 2 real mother hens clucking over me day by day – Val brings me a big bowl of fresh fruit salad in for breakfast every morning, then my mum’s making me a healthy salad for lunch every day, laden with all the ‘super foods’ that she’s insisting I eat throughout pregnancy! So trust me, i’m being well looked after! And Simon’s Dad worls in our warehouse, and my Dad still works in the company and is based on site, so the two of them stick their heads in my office multiple times during the day – ‘just to make sure i’m OK’!!

My 12 week scan went well – we decided not to tell a soul until after the scan, so it was really hard keeping it a secret! You really can’t see much, but people always seem to get excited by baby scan pictures so I thought i’d share!

And all my friends and family who i’ve told have all been on at me to take it easy and slow down a bit, and don’t worry – i’m definitely taking notice! I’ve cut down on my travel schedule, and i’m spending more time at home, and reserving my evenings and weekends for relaxing more!! I’m probably going to work through until late November-time, and then have a few months off at the start of next year, then ease myself gently back into work part time at first. I’ve got a great support network around me, and both mine and Simon’s mum can’t wait for the excuse to cut down to part time at work and be able to help out so i’m really lucky in that respect!

I promise to keep you updated more as i’ve got more to tell!

Hugs, Sara xxx