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Look what I got up to last night


Well, I’ve been on a mission to keep myself busy on an evening (to stop me from snoozing on the couch then i don’t sleep through the night!) so last night I decided to get my beady stuff out which I haven’t played with in AGES!!

Sarah has these fab kits now, which are all about wire wrapping, and you get everything you need (the beads, wire and instructions) in the kit.

The instructions are really good and were so easy to follow

This was my first ever attempt at wrapping, and it was actually really easy!

I found it best to hold the pliers on the very tip of the wire when doing the twists (trust me, a few failed attempts before I realised this!!)

The finished wrapped beads look really effective!

And every one was different!

Then I followed the instructions to wrap the smaller beads for the matching earrings too (you know how I love my matching stuff!!)

Then in the set you get all the chain and findings to make it into a necklace and earrings set (and I even squeezed a bracelet out of it too) – again just following the pattern in the instructions.

And I was quite pleased with my finished article!

They were so easy to do – i’m totally going to try a bit more wire wrapping, and I think i’m getting my beady mojo back a bit! (shame i’m away now for 2 weeks!!)

Sara xx