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Sneak peak inside my nursery


OK so after I put a post on facebook the other day about the inlaws helping me put the nursery together, loads of people have been asking to see how it looks, and it’s all finished now (well, almost) so I took some pics today to share!

Even though we know we’re having a little boy, I wanted to go neutral with the nursery – it’s a bit more baby-like I think! Then he can have a blue bedroom when he’s a bit older and more grown up!

photo 1b


I’m obsessed with having matching things, so I got everything from the same range in Mamas & Papas!

photo 3b

photo 4b

photo 5b


These pics are looking from the back of the room inwards, and you can see my special painting of BeBunni that was drawn just for me!

photo 1


Then i’ve got some of my lovely cards that people have sent up in the room, and I’ve been doing a big wash thisafternoon of all the lovely knitwear that people have been sending – so i’ll post phorographs of those when I get chance this week – he’s got some gorgeous stuff – this is going to look like one truly loved baby with all the gorgeous hand knitted stuff he has!!

photo 2


And i’ve been given loads of books as presents already! Someone even bought him the Beatrix Potter little set of books! So he’ll be well read by the time he turns a toddler!

photo 3


Simon insisted that we give him the biggest room in the house, even though he’ll be so tiny, so he’s even got this little room extra (which will be great to keep toys in when he’s older!)

photo 4


I’ve been using it to keep even more presents in… this is the hamper that ‘auntie Dawn’ made me (and her daughter, who is so excited about the baby, so i’ve said they need to come up and visit over Christmas so she can meet him!) and a gorgeous quilt that someone’s made with popcorn images, and a keepsake chest (among the many fabulous hand made item’s i’ve been sent – more posts and pics to follow on that front soon I promise!!)

photo 5


And bless his stuff looks so small hanging up in the big wardrobe!

photo 1c

photo 2c


Our helen bought him this… for bath-time snuggles!

photo 3c


Talking of which, i’ve even got the bathroom kitted out!

photo 4c

photo 5c


So if nothing else, at least I feel like i’m all sorted in the house!! Just need to get my head into gear and make sure i’m all sorted now! Exciting few weeks ahead!! Sara xxx