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Resizing Images


We often get questions about resizing images on our CDs. Design team member Sarah Jayne put together a quick tutorial using Word to share with you how she does it!

Here’s what she shared:

“If the CD-ROM opens automatically close it & then go into “My computer” to open root files which should look like this. Double click Data to open up image files.


It should then look like this:


Now double click ‘Embellishments’. Choose ‘folder 2’ and then double click the image with multiple pictures on it.


When the large picture has opened, right click and click ‘copy’.


Open Word and on a new, white page click ‘paste’.


You will see the whole image open up. Right click the image and at the top of the screen look for “text wrapping”. Click it open and choose ‘in front of text’. This will allow you to move the image around the page.


Right click the image again & press “Crop”.


Your screen should look like the picture below; you can move the black marks to crop your image to just the one you want.


When you have the one image you want, click anywhere on the screen to remove the cropping marks and then double click the image and so that you can use those cursors to enlarge the image. I have just enlarged this one image from the multi-embellishment sheet to show you can enlarge to full A4 size & it didn’t distort.”


Or thanks to Sarah Jayne for putting this together! Hope it inspires you to get crafty with your CDs!