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A candle for Nana



It’s my mam’s birthday today so I made this on Tuesday night… but couldn’t share yet otherwise she’d know what I’d done!

photo 2

Helen was up visiting last weekend and told me what she’d bought mam. It was totally awesome so I knew there was no way I could compete by buying something… so I wanted to make something sentimental and that would be a real keepsake for her!

photo 3

If you want to learn more about how to make this there’s an article in Crafter’s Inspiration Volume 4. On page 71 you can see where Auntie Margaret made a brilliant candle for a table decoration.

photo 4

Also I’ve done these as a feature in the upcoming issue, which will be available very soon!

photo 1

These are really fun to make and create gorgeous personalised gifts for family & friends!