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Oliver’s Sleepover

Oliver’s friend Finley came for a sleepover last night! My day off is a Thursday so made sense for a Wednesday night and Finley’s Mam…

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Getting messy with local schools!

We’re finally feeling ‘at home’ in our new HQ and town! The Community has been so welcoming and we’re loving the new location! Sugarhill School,…

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Hazel Eaton Joins Facebook

The lovely Hazel Eaton has joined Facebook…and we’re pleased to hear that many of you are happy about this! Hazel will be bringing you her…

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Tutorial: Easel Card

Sandra has a great tutorial for you so you too can make this card. It’s such a versatile card! It would be great for valentines,…

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Tutorial: Summer Festival card

It’s official summer is here! With summer comes the music festivals and hopefully not the rain! As the summer festivals are in full swing, let’s…

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