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Inspirational Tutorial: Creating backgrounds with AquaTints



Do you love to get messy and have lots of fun trying out new techniques? We have just the thing for you today with this tutorial from Mealnie Jess! A nice easy technique to make backgrounds with your Aquatints, have fun you could even do this with your children and grandchildren for a rainy day project! Doesn’t it look great on these Christmas cards from Melanie!


Step 1: Make sure your tray or tub is clean before starting

Step2: Spray the Shaving Foam in a nice even layer to cover all of your tray

Step 3: Pick two colours from your Aquatints or more if you want, the ones used on the cards above are the blues from the Perfectly Primary set.

Step 4: Take the pipettes and take up some of the colour and drop 6/7 drops of each colour onto the foam.

Step 5: Using your paint brush, swirl the colour through the shaving foam mixing as you go

Step 6: Now take a sheet of your A5 Watercolour card and push into the foam so all the card is all covered. (Yes we do mean it honest!)

Step 7: Carefully take the card back out and using your ruler scrap off the foam and add foam back into the tray.

Step 8: Mix the shaving foam again and repeat with more watercolour card.

Step 9: After 3 sheets you might need to add a few more drops of colour and swirl it through the foam.

Step 10: Remember to remove the extra foam from the card and leave to dry. When your watercolour card is dry, its ready to be cut to size and used on your project! A fun easy way of creating awesome backgrounds!


Of course you can use as many colours as you want in the foam to create different looks! Just play and have fun! Here is a list of everything you will need to have a go at this fun technique!

Crafter’s Companion Supplies:


Other Supplies: Large tray with sides (fits A5 paper), Shaving Foam (the cheap stuff works great) and a Ruler.

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