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Learn Colour Theory in Week 2 of our Colouring Course!


Colour theory has ALWAYS interested me.. and is something I know and understand well because I have always been involved with the graphic design side of the business. When I was thinking of content for our Advanced Adult Colouring Course I just had to include this! Knowledge about complementing colours and the colour wheel is invaluable and it was such good fun to sit down and put the theory into practice within the context of adult colouring.


Week 2 has already been really well received and I just love to see your comments coming in! I know it’s a really in depth video – so bear with us! Once you’ve got your head around it all it’ll be like second nature to you! Please keep sending your testimonials in….it’s the first time we’ve done something like this so your comments are really helping us too!

I received my link and watched the video. KUDOS AGAIN Sara! You are doing as n awesome job. Lot of information to absorb, but I will just look at my notes again and play the video again for review. Love getting this information because I have difficulty putting colors together. So this is VERY helpful to me.

Received week 2 thank you very much. This lesson is something i always struggle with. The video and eBook are great. Cant wait to colour up and practice with the free downloads!

Got mine … was really interesting!! I learned so much .. Will definitely be re watching it several times cuz there’s so much to learn from it ?TYVM SARA!! UR AWESOME!! Can’t wait to see u on HSN, Aug. 30th.

See the Week 2 Course Video here:

Remember..this is all part of a FREE 8 Week Colouring Course! I’ll be over the moon if you can join us on this journey into the world of adult colouring! You’ll relieve eBooks and free printable downloads when you sign up too!!

I’ve just finished recording weeks 3 and 4 which are all about advanced colouring – week 3 is with pencils where I run through all the different ways you can blend from simple layering techniques through to using blending pens, stumps and even baby oil! And then week 4 is all about blending with alcohol pens, and blending onto our special glitter effect books and how to blend colours that don’t usually blend together and techniques for bleaching colours too – all really interesting stuff and really useful for anyone interested in colouring, and all you need to do to sign up to have access to all of this is go to this page.


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Colourful hugs,

Sara xoxoxo