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Learn how to blend pencils in Lesson 3 of my 8 week colouring course


Hi everyone! Sorry I’m just catching up with my blog! I’ve been all over the place with being in the US and getting everything ready before I head off on maternity leave…VERY soon! For those of you who caught the WORLD launch on HSN – Thank you so much for supporting us…staying awake to catch the shows and for all the amazing comments about the new products! It means the world to me!

I can’t believe we’re already 3 weeks into the course (now 4!)! Time flies when you’ve got your head buried in a Colorista colouring pad! haha!

In Week 3 of the colouring course, we covered 7 ways to blend with coloured pencils! We go through;
1. Blending with one colour
2. Blending two colours together
3. Using a light colour to blend
4. Using a blending stump
5. Using a blender pen
6. Using a blending solution
7. Blending using baby oil

I had such a good time filming week 3…and I know loads of you have been enjoying it! I’m so blown away by all the creations you’re sharing in the Colorista Facebookgroup! I thought I’d share those creations today as they’re absolutely fantastic!





Scroll down for Video 3! Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already and you’ll receive your eBooks, top tips sheets and colourable downloads like the ones above! See you on Friday 9th for the UK launch of Colorista! Can’t wait for this one!

Lots of love,
Sara xxx